Your responsibilities when moving out

It is time to move out and start a new life in another home. But, what are your responsibilities when moving out and what steps to take before you move? Moving out of a property requires planning and work. This way you will avoid additional and legal problems because you cannot just leave a house if you are renting a property.

What are the responsibilities when moving out of a property?

What to do before moving out of a rental property? To prepare for the move, it is not important just to pack your bags and leave. You need to make sure you are not leaving behind a property in a mess.

Returning house keys.
Before returning the house keys, there are some responsibilities when moving out you should finish

Give a notice

Give adequate written notice to your landlord on time, don’t wait the last moment. Usually, 30 days’ notice is legally acceptable if you rent on a monthly basis, but read your lease because in some cases, you need to give a notice 60 days before moving out. Know the terms of your rental agreement and you won’t have additional costs.

Pay the full rent

Pay the rent for the entire time that you live in the property before you move out and make sure you are not owe anything to your landlord or a property manager. Also, talk to your landlord if you are leaving before the end of the month and ask should you pay a full month or not.

Be out on time

Leave the property on time and move all your items, including throwing all the garbage. If you want to speed up the moving process and leave some items in that house (not to lose time on packing), contact your landlord and ask can you or not. Get any agreements of this nature in writing so you won’t have any legal issues after moving out.

Complete repairs

If you have made some damages to the property, you must complete repairs before moving out. All the damages during your tenancy are your responsibility and it is usually cheaper to do a repair by yourself than to pay the landlord for those same repairs. Fill the holes in walls, check ceilings, leaks, etc. Keep the receipts of everything you have done in the house.

Clean the property

After finishing the home repairs, clean the house and make sure to leave the property in the same condition as when you moved in. Clean all the rooms, including areas under and behind furniture, stove, refrigerator, etc. Deep cleaning is necessary when moving out.

Cleaning as one fo the responsibilities when moving out.
Clean the house and make sure there are no damages

Take photos of a property

This is not one of the responsibilities when moving out, but it is highly recommended to avoid any problems with the house and additional costs. After cleaning, take photos of the property and share the images with your landlord. This way, no one can scam you and tell you left dirty home behind.

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