You Don’t Wanna Live in Florida Anymore? Check These Awesome Chicago Neighborhoods

People relocate for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s career-related or more of personal preference, if you don’t want to live in Florida anymore, there are many options. If you want to swap the laid back lifestyle with something a little more urban and fast-paced, there are some awesome Chicago neighborhoods! Leaving Florida and moving to Chicago is a big change, therefore it’s important to be well prepared for this.

Bye Florida

Relocating from one place to another is often exciting and can be a bit overwhelming. In order to minimize the stress of moving and enjoy the process, start with a moving plan. From a solid timeline, a strong budget to each and every step of this move, you can use your plan as a guide towards a successful relocation. The better prepared and more organized you are, the easier it is to move from Florida to one of the awesome Chicago neighborhoods. Hence, hire a moving company on time! Contact Pro Movers Miami and get your estimates and a moving date on time. 

Awesome Chicago Neighborhoods

Florida and Illinois are quite different. From the cost of living, the climate, and the overall vibe, moving from Florida to one of the Chicago neighborhoods is definitely a big change. Besides a good plan, it’s also beneficial to do thorough research prior to moving. Evaluating locations will help you make final decisions.

A view of Chicago.
Chicago is home to various interesting and comfortable neighborhoods.

In addition, plan out the moving day ahead as well. For example, it would be a good idea to hire someone you can rely on to transport everything. With that big task out of the way, you can feel more at ease overall. First, however, let’s check out some of the best spots in Chicago to move to. 

Lincoln Park

This area is one of the most affluent Chicago neighborhoods in the city. In addition, it is great for families as it is also one of the safest communities. One thing to keep in mind is that the architecture and cost of living in Lincoln Park doesn’t come cheap. Median home prices range around $1 million and up.

Wicker Park

This neighborhood is more known for its hippy vibe and a good night scene. It has a lot of personality, therefore many people are drawn to it. With cool coffee shops and chic little fashion boutiques, you can’t go wrong with Wicker Park.

Hyde Park

Did you know that the University of Chicago is located in Hyde Park? In addition to that, this Chicago neighborhood is also home to the Museum of Science and Industry. Locals enjoy the diversity within this community and although it might be a little pricier, it is very comfortable.

A street in one of the awesome Chicago neighborhoods
The location you choose depends on your interests and lifestyle.

Hello Illinois

When you have some of these awesome Chicago neighborhoods waiting for you, leaving Florida isn’t so bad. Stay organized and efficient, and swap your flip flops for a warm parka and snow boots! Chicago winters can get pretty cold and snowy!

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