Why so many Illinois residents move to Indiana?

People have been leaving Illinois in great numbers. And not just anywhere, they’re going to a one state in particular – Indiana. But why do so many Illinois residents move to Indiana? Let’s see what next-door neighbors have to offer that Illinois doesn’t.

Reasons why Illinois residents move to Indiana

Illinois residents are moving to Indiana for several reasons. Some of them are the affordable cost of living, great schools, plenty of things to do, and because Indiana is overall, a great place for living. So, if you’re considering moving here as well, read on and find out the exact reasons why Indiana is the state you should definitely take into consideration.

There’s more to Indiana


Lower Cost of Living

You might find a way to move on a budget, but what after that?While there are many things to do in Indiana, people living here can afford to do them. And that’s one of the main reasons why Illinois residents move to Indiana – the lower cost of living, the fifth-lowest in the US. Actually, US News placed Indiana in third place for housing affordability and on the second place for the overall affordability. And once you actually own the house, you won’t have to pay nearly as high property taxes as in Illinois. Actually, in Illinois, property taxes are almost triple than here. And on top of all of that, income tax in Indiana is quite lower. So, who can blame families who want to come here and enjoy their life and their money?

A lot to do

When you think about Indiana, the first thing that might come up on your mind are cornfields. But, Indiana is so much more than that. Just go to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and your see how fun of a family experience it is. Also, racing fans will enjoy Indianapolis Motor Speedway. People who love outdoors will enjoy The Indiana Dunes National Park, miles of beaches, and amazing nature. Overall, the state offers great food, craft breweries, entertainment, and other places and activities for all tastes. But to explore all of that, you have to come here first. And if you can’t wait to see what this state has to offer, you need to be well-rested after your move. So, find help with transport of your belongings and you can start enjoying your life here as quickly as possible.

Beach in Indiana Dunes state park.
One of the options

Great job opportunities

One of the reasons why Illinois residents move to Indiana is to look for better jobs. There are great job opportunities here, and not just in agriculture and manufacturing. Technology is also becoming a part of the state’s economy. And the state is very affordable, and businesses have noticed that. Actually, Forbes put Indiana in the top 10 states to do business. Besides, it seems like it’s easier for young professionals and career growth to work in this state.

Final word

As you can see, Illinois residents move to Indiana in search of a better life. And with all of these reasons, that’s more understandable. Now it’s up to you to decide, prepare for your move and make Indiana your new home.

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