Why is Idaho so attractive to California business owners

California business owners are always looking for the next best thing that will improve their business and their bottom line. Very often taking the next step implies relocating their firm out of the Bear Flagg State. Now the question remains where are they off to? Very often underrated states start popping up on their radar and one of them seems to be the State of Idaho. However, is the Potato State really a suitable alternative to California? Let’s find out.

Is Idaho a suitable place for California business owners and their businesses?

Moving your business physically is not a huge problem. Moving companies such as Peasley Transfer & Storage can always assist you in such a venture. Nevertheless, before you even get to that point you must be certain that you are moving your business to the right place. There are quite a few reasons why Idaho should be in the mix of excellent places for your business to call home. Yet, these are the main ones.

California business owners sitting together and discussing potential customer issues
One thing that you must think about before you move, will you keep your customers before moving or will you able to attract the same amount of customers at your new location.

The economy is thriving

Idaho’s economy is on the up and up. Even the COVID-19 pandemic cannot slow it down. In the past decade, there has been a big influx of residence in Idaho. When put in number Idaho’s population grew 16.5% or 259,331 individuals. People are attracted by the beautiful outdoors and lower costs of living. Naturally, the economy got a splendid recharge. Because of this concrete reason moving your business from the West Coast seems to be a fine idea.

Lower costs across the board

Depending on the type of business, your overall costs of operating can be significantly lower than in California. For instance, if you were to move an art studio to Idaho from California you can be sure that your monthly costs will be decreased. But then again, would you have the right clientele in another state. So, moving to Idaho can be a great change. Plenty of money can be saved, but certain businesses might be best left in California.

A little plant growing out of a stack of pennies.
If you are having money problems in CA, you can bet on saving significant funds if you decide to move your firm to Idaho.

Relocate to Idaho with the help of professionals

In the end, if you decide that a commercial move is just what you need, doing it on your own might not be a great idea. Your inventory will be transferred safely with the help of a professional moving crew. Relocating on your own is risky even when moving your home. Yet, when moving your business the stakes are even higher. That is why you just must invest in professional movers, and continue running your business at your new address in no time.


By now California business owners are well aware that these are some serious benefits to moving their business to the Gem State. Yet, the relocation might not be suitable for every kind of firm. So, think about it long and hard before the final verdict comes in.

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