Why Greenland is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire

Greenland is a small town in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. Its population is around modest 3,500 and it truly is a charming little place. It was founded in the early 1600s and it is located directly between Boston on one side, and the White Mountains on the other. This area is famous for its natural beauty. Therefore, this little town boasts of scenery. Mountain tops, beautiful rivers, and fantastic forest views are just some of the things that you will see if you move here. Another thing that the Greenlanders are very proud of is the community. They’re closely connected and generally are extremely nice people. All of these things give just a glimpse of why Greenland is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire.

However, don’t be fooled by the size of it. There are many things that you can do, and many ways to fun yourself. Here is some more stuff that you might find interesting about this place.

Reasons why Greenland is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire

Incredible scenery

The first thing on our list has to be the scenery. It is pretty much guaranteed that you’ll fall in love with it as soon as you see it. And because of its ideal location, most of the residents list the surroundings as one of the best things about living here. There’s no man or woman in the world that could get bored of waking up with the views of mountain tops, valleys, and calm waters. And all of that in one place. Better prepare for the move now, as you will want to live here by the end of the article for sure.

Fall in New Hampshire, explaining why Greenland is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire.
Incredible scenery definitely is one of the reasons why Greenland is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire.

Growing population

If you decide to move here, know that you won’t be the only one. But luckily, relocation here is simple. That’s probably the reason why Greenland recorded growth in the population of around 10% over the last few years. When it comes to demographics, they look exactly how you would expect. The median age here is around 45, and the number of people per household is 2.6. These figures are pretty much spot on with the rest of the country.


Here we will start with the unemployment rate which is a fantastic 2.8%. The US average is 3.9% so this figure is well below average, which is good. However, the even better thing is that Greenland is experiencing job growth of well over 3% per year which is above the average. There is also no sales tax rate and no income tax rate. When you add on top of that that the average income of Greenland residents is around $50,000 a year, you get a place with a booming economy. So it easily becomes apparent why Greenland is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire. Also, it’s not a bad place to consider if you’re thinking about moving a business.

Outdoor activities and recreation

As we already mentioned, this little town has fantastic scenery. Also, there are 200 sunny days, and 53 inches of snow per year. So you just put it together and you get one of the best places for outdoor activities anywhere in the world. Of course, there are many opportunities for people who just love recreation, and for adrenaline junkies too. You can go hiking at Great Bay National Wildlife Refugee or relax and play some golf at Pease Golf Course. If you would like something more serious, there’s tranquil kayak adventure that you can take on in at Great Bay.


And what would a town be without an interesting history? As it is one of the New England communities, Greenland can trace its roots all the way to Pre-Revolutionary War days. It even has one of the original houses from the era still standing, so you can get a glimpse of life in the past. This is one of the most unique attributes of this town and there’s no wonder why.

Old house on the field.
You can get a glimpse of life in the past if you move here.

More things to do in Greenland, New Hampshire

Great Bay Discovery Center

Greenland sits on the banks of the Great Bay Estuary which is the state’s largest reserved research area. It has a complex system of wildlife and ecosystems which makes it even more interesting. The conservation effort started in the 1970s and still goes strong today. There was an idea of building an oil refinery there and it was overwhelmingly defeated by the community. Since then, the Great Bay stands as an example of the region’s dedication to being environmentally friendly. Here you can enjoy exhibits that are very entertaining for both kids and adults. Also, professionals from preferred-movers.com state that they see more and more environmentally conscious people moving here which is definitely a good thing. 

Road trips

When you settle after all of that hustle of the long-distance moving, you’ll want to travel a little bit for sure. Luckily for you not that far away to the east, a beautiful coastal town of Portsmouth is located. Here you will find an interesting mix of a hardworking seaport village and diverse arts scene. This town also boasts of cultural heritage so it’s worth visiting it just for that. Be sure to check out Odiorne State Park, the Isles of Shoals and the Strawbery Banke Museum on your road trip.

And as you’re already there, just a little bit more south and you’ll find yourself in a coastal town of Rye. It is interesting for the Granite State Whale Watch. This is a boat that offers whale watching tours as well as the other marine tours. Also, be sure to visit the Rye Harbor State Park where you can see one of the most pristine stretches of coastline on the entire east coast.

Rye beach.
One of the most pristine beaches on the east coast lies just outside the town of Rye.

Stratham Hill Park

Stratham Hill Park is an outdoor recreation area just outside of Greenland that is indeed a community hub of this region. You can visit it during the whole year and it offers many ball fields, as well as pools during the summer. In the winter, you can enjoy ice skating here. As an addition to all of this, you can use six miles of trails that are perfect for hiking, walking your dog, or biking if you’re a fan of that. This is definitely one of the reasons why Greenland is one of the best places to live in New Hampshire.

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