What to do if your long distance move goes wrong?

Moving can be quite a stressful process. A lot of things can go wrong even if you are moving to the country. But a lot more can happen if you decide to move internationally. Of course, mistakes do not happen often, but what can you do if they do happen? It is especially tricky since it is about international or long-distance relocation. So, what do you do if your long-distance move goes wrong? This is what we are going to explore in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s make things right!

If you want to move safely, make sure to hire a reliable and professional moving company

You are probably reading this after something has gotten wrong, but if you are reading this guide before you have hired a moving company then you are in luck. It is important to find a moving company that is reliable and professional and that has good reviews. Don’t rush when you are hiring a moving company, especially if you are moving long-distance like from Jersey City to Chicago. There are a lot of moving companies on the market, and naturally, some are better than others. Choose your moving company carefully and ask around, if you have time.

In conclusion, this means that you should hire the Professionals Moving Specialists if you want to have a good long-distance relocation.

But, there is always an option to file a claim if your move goes wrong

But, you are probably here after something got really wrong. Most likely, some of your stuff is damaged or missing, and in this case, you can file a claim.

What does that mean?

Person signing a document.
If your move goes wrong you can always file a claim.

Filing a claim starts the process to get your items replaced or repaired, for example, if the movers lose your golf equipment. After your stuff has arrived at your destination, you should check if all of your stuff is there. If something is missing or is damaged, you can file a claim.

How can you do that?

To file a claim you need to have an inventory. Every professional moving company will transport your stuff only after you have signed the inventory. The inventory is the list of all of your stuff that is being moved. You can only file a claim if the object that is damaged or missing is on the list. Otherwise, a moving company has no responsibility.

Move goes wrong if you don;t have an inventory.
Every serious and professional moving company won’t move your stuff unless you have signed an inventory with all of your stuff mentioned in it.

It is important to file a claim as soon as you can. But you shouldn’t talk to movers about it, you should go to the moving company directly. It often happens that the moving company has a body that is responsible for claims, or it has a claim specialist. So, file your claim as soon as you can, go to the moving company directly, and your item, if it is on the inventory, should be replaced or repaired.

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