What is the number one rule when packing for relocation

In difficult life situations, the only thing you have to stop is chaos. When you are in panic, you can’t see things clearly, you can’t see or face the problem in the right way, and solving is impossible. The only way to avoid this is by setting some rules. Even with moving, in a second, you can get confused. Observing this, it is important to single out the number one rule when packing for relocation. This one is well known.

It is a rule for a good reason

Packing for a relocation is not so easy task and it doesn’t have a one-step solution. You can make it easier and faster if you know what you are doing. The number one rule when packing for relocation is organization. It is a skill but you have to put some effort to preserve it. You should divide the whole process into several steps and try to do each as best as possible. Follow the progress and organize each detail. Packing for relocation should include:

  • Cleaning, decluttering and repairing
  • Making a meaningful group
  • Preparing right packaging
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The number one rule is the organization

Something old, something new

When preparing to relocate, the first step is always important and it includes cleaning your stuff. Before packing for relocation clean every piece of furniture, every small detail, and fragile figurine. During the cleaning you will be able to check does it need repair.  If you are skilled, do minor home repairs by yourself. This can include tightening some bolts, do the small paint job, gluing. When some pieces have bigger damage, you should check the cost of a similar piece or, if you don’t need it as much, get rid of it. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy a new item than to repair an old one. You can always be creative and do some DIY projects with your old stuff and find a new purpose for old stuff.

Everything on place

The important step and rule when packing for relocation are that you must separate all your stuff into categories. The best division is on the large and small stuff. Furniture would be classified as large, and some small house items, like dishes, decorations, trophies, tech equipment would go to the small stuff. This is important, so you can know what type and how many packing boxes to prepare and buy. You will, also, pack, load, and transport each category differently. Consult your moving company when it comes to this. They can help you to do it right.

Follow the process

Use different materials

To secure your stuff well you must select the right packaging. This is, maybe, the most important part because it is essential to be sure. Use different materials during the packing and try to secure each item in the best way possible. Small stuff can be easily packed into card boxes and secured with some blankets or bubble wrap. Large stuff will require more of your attention. First of all, if you can, disassemble the furniture, tie up parts of similar size with ropes or zip ties. This way your stuff will be secured for transport and relocation. There is some furniture that cannot be disassembled, so in this case, there will be a need for a lot of bubble wrap. You can always ask for help, don’t forget. Experienced professionals will know the right way to secure everything and load it safely.

With a good organization, everything will go smoothly. That’s why making a good plan and organization is the number one rule when packing for relocation. Make it easy for yourself as much as you can.

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