Ways to protect mirrors and other fragile items during the move

When planning a move, packing is the crucial step we all have to overcome. The hardest thing about packing is securing your items correctly and preventing them from breaking in the moving truck. Securing items becomes even more complicated if they are breakable items. So we have ways to protect mirrors and other fragile items during the move. Let’s begin.  

Ways to protect mirrors 

Mirrors are one of the most complicated items to pack in your home. To pack mirrors securely, you need to follow the number one rule for packing – organization.  

  • The first step to protect mirrors is to measure them. You will only need to measure larger mirrors that need specialized cardboard boxes. For smaller mirrors, you will not have to worry.
  • When you have measured your mirror, move on to the second step, wrapping your mirrors. Wrap your mirrors in bubble wrap or packing paper.
  •  The third step is to prepare the boxes. For smaller boxes, you should line them with packing paper. But for large boxes specialized for big mirrors, you should line the edges with padding. If you line the edges, you will create a bed for the mirror to lay in. 
  • When you have lined your box with wrapping materials, be careful how you put them in the boxes. 
  • Finally, when you get your mirrors into the boxes and need to load them into the moving truck, ask someone to help you and make sure to place them upright. 
A woman in a room full of mirrors
There are no ways to protect a mirror just be careful.

Other fragile items 

Electronics are expensive and need extra attention when packing. The most delicate electronic device in your home is the TV, and you need to know how to pack a television. The most secure option for packing a TV is to use the box it came in. Your TV will fit perfectly in that box, and it comes with a protective cushioning that you can reuse. The cushioning will be perfect for your television, and you will not have to worry about it breaking. Pro-tip, make sure to clean your TV before packing it. 

Use the original box, and your TV won’t break.

When it comes to fragile family heirlooms, you are on your own. Most moving companies will not them for you because they do not want to be responsible for something that important. Before packing the big family heirlooms, measure them and spend the extra money to get the best packing materials. To transport them, you will need to pay extra money to a moving company that transports specialized items.

For smaller family heirlooms, we recommend you bring them with you. By bringing them with you, you will avoid them getting misplaced. If they are breakable, like lamps, make sure to add extra wrapping materials. And when you are in your new place, make sure to hire a cleaning service so that you can put your heirlooms in a clean space. 

You are ready to pack fragile items 

We hope that our ways to protect mirrors and other fragile items during the move help you with your relocation. Good luck!

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