The ultimate guide for people moving from Florida to California

Changing homes is very difficult. This is especially true when you are making a 2700-mile long, cross-country move from Florida to California. And while there is no way to know or predict what problems may arise when conceptualizing the process of moving from Florida to California, there are ways to be prepared for this process. This is exactly why this guide will provide you the necessary information. With them, you will make this move as smooth as possible.

When moving from Florida to California should determine the travel method

After extensive research through the best places to live in California, you found your dream home and decided to move there. Before you start packing your belongings, you should think about the way you are going to get from your current to your new home. There are basically two ways you can accomplish this:

  • Driving all the way with your stuff packed
  • Hiring movers to bring your belongings to the destination

If you choose the first option, there are things you need to consider. Firstly, have your travel mapped out to the very last detail. Secondly, you should look closely at the weather forecast. Other things you should do include finding hotels along the way. The reason is simple – there is no way to drive more than 2500 miles in one day. Plan bathroom breaks, rests, and other stops, and plan out gas-stop breaks. The downside of this choice is that you have to put enormous energy into planning all of this. On the contrary, it’s much simpler to just hire movers to do the job professionally.

Eggs in a carton symbolizing careful packing.
Carefulness when moving includes protecting fragile items.

Should you choose the latter option, you will strip yourself of the added stress you will experience should you carry out the move on your own. Of course, your vehicle can come along and that won’t be a problem since the professionals have options for car shipping from FL to CA. If you are like most people, you will choose this option and focus your attention on packing your precious belongings for moving from Florida to California.

Be careful with packing

The thought of bringing all of your belongings to your new home is very appealing. But, keep in mind that the more unnecessary stuff you bring with you, the more you will have to pay for transportation. Even though it would be great to bring this special vase or antique dresser, you shouldn’t do it. The vase is just a dust collector and the dresser is about to fall apart.

As stated, these things just ramp up the moving cost and take up space in the moving truck. Not decluttering is one of the most common packing mistakes a lot of people make. Be smart and pragmatic and avoid this and other blunders. That way you will save the most money and will be able to start fresh in your new home.

Keep the items you absolutely need

Although the idea of moving implies leaving empty walls and walking out with everything packed in boxes, the reality is a bit different.  In fact, when considering long-distance relocation, you absolutely need to pack essentials out in another bag or box. But, more on that later. For now, keep in mind that you should bring essential items with you in a separate container.

Creative packing 101

For a long-distance move like this, creativity is a great trait to have. Since you don’t have an unlimited amount of space for packing, you should be witty when packing items. Even though the people over at Cross Country Moving Group won’t have a problem with packing your boxes in the most efficient way possible, you should still be creative while packing.

A man moving from Florida to California is holding keys to his new home.
Finding a perfect home shouldn’t be that hard.

There are many tips on the internet about compact packing. These also show you how to make the most use of your bags or boxes. Some of the tips you should consider include: wrapping dinnerware in towels, sticking flatware in socks, and rolling vases in different pieces of clothing. Additionally, you can get an extra layer of protection by padding the insides of boxes with old newspapers. Overall, these creative tips might save you a few bucks and might reveal that you don’t need a thousand different boxes.

Before the move, people moving from Florida to California need to find a new home

To state the obvious, don’t just blindly go on a move. Firstly, find a home that fits your needs and then start the moving process. Although you can find homes at basically any corner, do a thorough search of all the homes in your area of interest. Look for the kinds of neighborhoods that fit your family the most. Additionally, search for homes that have easy access to public transportation and major roads.

Have an elaborated plan and consider your furry friends

Having an idea of how the moving day will go isn’t enough. This is especially true if you are going on a cross-country move. Planning the whole move and the moving day itself will allow you to prepare a moving day survival kit that contains all the aforementioned necessary items. This plan will save you from a lot of headaches and stress and will help you to be prepared and anticipate things that might go wrong.

Pets need extra care when moving from Florida to California.
Think about the needs of your furry friends on a trip as long as this one.

No matter what you decide regarding the means of transportation, the journey is a long one. But, having a well-thought-out plan for moving from Florida to California will help you to avoid certain pitfalls you might face along the way. Also, take time to prepare this plan. This will most definitely give you the best possible experience since you will be well prepared. Additionally, your plan should include your pets, if you have them.

When moving from Florida to California with your kids, this whole process becomes much more challenging. On the other hand, if you are long-distance moving with pets too, the challenges become even greater. Luckily, services that specialize in this exact field exist and can help you out. You can always go to them and ask for advice about moving your furry friends to the new home. Furthermore, it is imperative to take your pets to the vet before you move. This will help ensure they are healthy enough to travel and have gotten all the shots they might need.

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