Turn your garage into a game room in less than a week with these tips

Do you have extra space in your home and you want to take advantage of it in the best possible way? If yes, we know what you can do. A lot of people use their garage as their storage room. And even though this is very convenient, it also makes hoarding unnecessary things more likely. The best thing to do is to get rid of all the things that you do not really need. And most people get an empty garage when they decide to do so. If you have found yourself in such a situation and you want to transform your garage into something other than a storage room, we are here to give you an idea. Having a game room is the best thing you can do and here is where you can read just how to turn your garage into a game room in less than a week.

Clean it out

As we already said, the first thing you have to do is to clean out your garage if you haven’t done so already. To make this process more convenient, have someone help you do this. But if you are on your own, it might take you a day or even two to finish. You might need some cleaning tips.

In order to clean out your garage faster, you need to prepare yourself. Getting everything you are going to need in order to finish this task before you even start the task is the best way to make the process last at least a bit shorter. What you will certainly need is cleaning supplies. Rooms that are used for storing items are not the cleanest in the house. And if you are turning your garage into a game room, you want it to be clean.

Garage door.
In order to make turning your garage into a game room possible, you need to completely clean out your garage first.

You will also need bags and cardboard boxes to pack your garage. Some of the things that you have in your garage are certainly useless and belong in the trash. These things you should definitely throw into trash. But some of the things you really do not need to throw away. Maybe they have a value or you just do not want to get rid of them completely.

These are the things you can put in a box and store away somewhere else. If you do not have the space at home, you can store them away in losangelestransfer.com storage units. Your belongings will be safe there!

Do some small renovations if necessary

Now that you have gotten rid of the things inside of your garage and you have cleaned it well, it is time to see whether anything in there needs to be renovated or repaired. If you have an old garage door, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to put a new one. This will make your home safer and warmer during winter.

If the garage door is fine but a bit run down, repainting is not a bad idea. It will also make the space look nicer. You should consider repainting the walls as well if you haven’t done so in a while. If you are yet to move into a house where you want this game room of yours to be, this is one of the necessary¬†home improvements to do before moving in.

House with a good garage door.
Having good garage doors is necessary.


You can leave the flooring that already is there or you can invest into making this space look better and install better flooring. If you put wooden floors, the room will look better. But this is a big expense to cover.

And if you are on a budget or you just want to turn your garage into a game room as quick as it is possible, just putting carpets is enough. Consider having a carpet that covers the entire floor. Garages tend to be the coldest parts of the house and a carpet will contribute to making it a bit warmer. You will thank us for this tip when the winter comes.

What will you put inside of your game room?

Have you had the time to think about just what will be inside of your game room. The options are endless. What we can tell you is a good idea is to put a pool table. Everyone likes playing pool. And we know that the only reason why you might skip over this suggestion is because you know that a pool table is big, heavy and bulky and it is very hard to move it. If that is the case, you shouldn’t abandon the idea of having a pool table as it’s best to rely on professionals for this task anyways. Handling a pool table yourself is almost impossible.

Pool table in a room.
Having a pool table is a good idea. Everyone loves playing billiard.

Darts are good to have in your game room as well. Install a shelf with lots of board games. If you have children, something like this will keep them busy for hours. Another great idea to consider is putting a TV and a game console in your game room. This way you will have plenty of options on just what you can do here.


You also need some furniture. As you will be spending time here, you need where to sit. And we believe that as it is a game room, you should make the sitting more comfortable and relaxed. Putting plenty of lazy bags in your game room is a good idea. The children will love it as well. It is also convenient as you can move them around and put them where you like. You will also need a table. A couple of smaller tables are a good idea. And as we already mentioned, a shelf is a good addition. You can use it to put board games there or just some decorative pieces that you might have. Play around, it is a game room after all. Make it fun!

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