Transport your bike safely – what to do and how?

Bicycles are big and bulky. If you have a good quality bike, chances are that it is also very heavy. This makes transporting it very hard. But not if you know some tips on tricks. If you want to transport your bike safely no matter how far, you should definitely use some of these tips. As professional movers we know a lot about packing, using as much of the space as possible and transport.

Use a roof rack

Putting your bicycle in the trunk can be a challenge. That is why the roof rack was invited. This is a rack that you place on your roof and it holds your bike in place safely. It is one of the most popular ways of bike transportation as it is very cheap yet very convenient. There are two different types of racks:

  1. a rack that you can use without removing the front wheel of the bike
  2. a rack that you can use only after removing it.

Removing the front wheel isn’t hard but it is not something a lot of people want to deal with when they can get the rack where you don’t have to remove the front wheel. But the racks that can carry with the front wheel removed come with an anti-theft fork grabber.

front wheel.
It is very easy to remove the front wheel which is why we recommend using the second rack.

A trunk rack

If you don’t really like the idea of putting your bike on the roof, we understand. And so did engineers because they have also made a trunk rack. It is a rack that you put on your trunk. The names for these things are pretty self-explanatory. But this is better for those who don’t need a permanent rack to carry a bike. The pros of using a trunk rack are the fact that it is a much cheaper option, they can be used by multiple different vehicles, and it is very easy to place the bike on the rack.

But it comes with a couple of cons as well. Your bike can get damaged easily. You have to pay attention to your bike a lot while driving even if you secure the bike. The trunk rack also limits access to the trunk which if you are on the road can be quite annoying. You also have to know how to properly install the trunk rack in order to transport your bike safely and to not cause damage to the paint on your car.

Trunk rack
This can be very useful

If you are moving

If you are moving and you aren’t sure whether your movers will let you put the bike in the truck, worry not. They will. A bicycle isn’t a special item and you won’t be charged for it as a special service. Search for a moving company online as you definitely need to have one by your side when relocating home.

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