Towns in New Hampshire for Californians looking for a quiet life

Are you a Californian who desperately wants more peace and quiet in everyday life? If so, you might want to leave your state and move to New Hampshire. Well, you are just in the right place for here you can find more information on some towns in New Hampshire that are pretty peaceful.


First of all, there is Gorham, a charming historic town in New Hampshire. It is surrounded by the White Mountains which are absolutely stunning. If you move here, you will have a chance to enjoy many outdoor activities. Some of them are hiking, horseback riding, and biking. This place does not have too many people and is pretty quiet. When you add to this its natural beauties, it seems like a perfect home for a family from California that wants a peaceful life. If you relocate here and want to change your address after some time when you find a better house, you can easily move locally. Just make sure to pack for your move in an eco-friendly manner by reusing the boxes you already have since now more than ever all of us must pay more attention to our surroundings.

Two people climbing a mountain near Gorham, one of the towns in New Hampshire that is ideal for outdoor activities.
Gorham, a small town in New Hampshire, has to offer many outdoor activities to all people from California who choose to move here.

Hiring professional movers is necessary no matter which of the towns in New Hampshire you choose

No matter which of the quiet places in New Hampshire you choose to call your new home, you will need the help of the experts. Since you will be moving from California, you cannot do everything completely on your own. Three are numerous difficulties that you can face when relocating with your loved ones from state to state. Therefore, we highly recommend you to check out professional moving services, like those provided by Preferred Movers. An experienced moving company that consists of reliable and trustworthy people can get you where you need to be in a faster, more secure way. In a nutshell, they can make a moving process, notorious for being extremely tough, seem like a walk in the park.


The second place on our list is Marlow. This town is located in Cheshire County and is very rural and peaceful. It has a beautiful white church in its town center and not many inhabitants. Despite the fact that it isn’t packed with people, the ones that do live here are incredibly welcoming and friendly. Does Marlow sound appealing to you? Well, if you decide to move there and buy a home for your family, you should first decide on its location. Luckily, the place has very nice real estate properties that are ideal for peaceful family life.

Chester is one of the most peaceful towns in New Hampshire

The third town in New Hampshire that we highly recommend to all Californians who prefer peace and quiet is Chester. This is a very small and rural town with a great number of farms. It has to offer opportunities for many outdoor activities that your children will love. In case you need help when moving into your new home in Chester, you should know that the specialists are there for you. They will overlook the entire process and handle the challenges, and with it, sweep all your worries away.

A fence.
Chester is among towns in New Hampshire with amazing nature, many farms, and a very quiet and peaceful lifestyle.


The fourth town in New Hampshire to consider moving to with your family from California is Tamworth. This place has an art gallery, two public libraries, six churches, and many people who live in this town in the middle of nowhere are poets and artists. Relocating to Tamworth will definitely mean leading a serene and relaxed life. So, if this is what you and your family members truly want, make sure to start organizing your move as soon as possible. In case you need storage space when moving from California, make sure to clean it properly for your precious items.

Deerfield is one of the very quiet towns in New Hampshire

The fifth town that is offering a peaceful life is Deerfield. It is located in Rockingham County and people who move here will have access to a wonderful beach and amazing mountains. In case you choose Deerfield in New Hampshire for your new home and decide to move here, you should let experts take care of it. And by it, of course, we mean relocation.


The sixth place in New Hampshire where many people from California choose for their new home is Benton. Located in Grafton County, this small town is very rural and has to offer amazing scenery and peace to all who want to come. In addition, people who live in Benton are very polite, friendly, and ready to help whenever they can.


The seventh place on our list that Californians will love is Cornish in New Hampshire. Located in Sullivan County, this small town has to offer life in nature. Moreover, schools in Cornish have to offer very good educational opportunities for kids. In addition, there are very nice family homes you can choose from if you decide to have a fresh start in this peaceful and quiet place. We have to mention that most of the residents of Cornish are conservative and that many young professionals have moved here with the goal to begin leading healthier life.

A student writing.
Cornish is a small town in New Hampshire with excellent educational opportunities for children and a healthy lifestyle.


Finally, to sum up, some of the best towns in New Hampshire for people from California who want a more peaceful life are on this list. First, Gorham is a charming historic town. Second, Marlow is a very rural and peaceful place. Third, Chester has a rural vibe with many farms. Fourth, Tamworth is ideal for people with artistic souls. Fifth, Deerfield has to offer an amazing beach and stunning mountains. Sixth, Benton is a small community with many nice and friendly people. And seventh, Cornish is a town in New Hampshire that many Californians love for its nature and good educational opportunities for children.

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