Tips for moving your elderly loved one – 2021 edition

Your elderly loved one is planning a move. Whether it is due to a lack of personal space or because they wish to move to an assisted living community there are things you can do to help. Do your research and help plan their move. There are numerous things to consider so to help you out, here are our tips for moving your elderly loved one.

Prepare on time

Do your best to help your elderly loved one prepare for the move. Due to their emotional attachment to their current home and all of the memories it holds, it will be somewhat difficult for your elderly parents to say goodbye to their old life and begin their new one. Try to help them as much as possible, but at the same time make sure that you give your elderly loved one enough space and time to process the transition.

  • Start sorting their belongings together. Sort one room at a time. Begin with the room that holds the smallest amount of memories and belongings with an emotional value. When your elderly loved one sees that it is not that difficult, start sorting some of the rooms that are emotionally harder to sort.
  • Try to create a pile of the belongings they wish to keep and a separate pile of the belongings they want to give away or donate. Be there for your elderly loved one and talk to them every step of the way. There is probably a bunch of items that are not needed anymore but which might hold sentimental value. This is a difficult process but can be less stressful if you go through it together.
  • If your elderly loved one wishes to leave something of value to somebody, such as heirlooms or jewels, talk to them and suggest they do so now rather than through their will.
  • Get rid of heavy and bulky possessions or store them somewhere. The fewer belongings your elderly loved one wants to take with them, the easier and cheaper the move will be.
  • Make a moving day survival kit that will help your elderly loved one in the first days after the move.
  • You could take pictures of their current home. So, if they like something just the way it is they can recreate it at their new address.
  • If your elderly love one owns a home, they should decide whether they wish to sell it or rent it. This is a difficult decision, so give them time to think about it and decide.
  • Be there to provide emotional support, and if they second-guess their decision to move listen and talk to them.

Tips for your elderly loved one – get to know your new home before the move

  • Help your elderly familiarize themselves with their new home before the actual move.
  • Get a blueprint of the new home and try to arrange their belongings with them. This way you can check what fits where and what they would like to change.
  • Organize the rooms in such a way that your elderly loved one is familiar with the layout. But make sure to make a few changes too, this could be a fresh start for them.
  • Talk with your elderly loved one and see what they wish to do with excess belongings and what to do with leftover moving boxes. Get to know the neighborhood and familiarize them with it with the help of a map or layout of the new neighborhood.
A blueprint of an apartment. Getting a blueprint of their new home is one of the tips for moving your elderly loved one.
Getting a blueprint of the new home is one of the tips for moving your elderly loved one. It can help them visualize their new home.

Elderly relocation services

  •  Senior moving management is a relatively new industry. Their primary objective is to assist with moving senior citizens. Moving companies that are specialized in this kind of service offer an array of services from organizational help for aging individuals and downsizing of their belongings to the relocation of seniors. Because this is a relatively new field though, you should be careful when choosing such a service and hiring a moving company.
  • Look for companies that are members of the Better Business Bureau. Check their reviews and ask around for trustworthy opinions. Get your elderly loved one the services they need and deserve.
  • When you need to downsize or move a senior, companies such as Paper Moon Moves can help. Companies that are focused on seniors often have employees with backgrounds in health care, gerontology, psychology, social work to help your elderly loved one have a stress-free move.
  • Some of the companies that offer senior relocation services partner up with companies that can help after the move itself. This includes help with cleaning, estate sales, and donations.

Precautions due to the coronavirus spread

Unfortunately, this moment in time is not very good for moving your elderly loved one. Due to the risk of coronavirus spread we need to take extra precautions to keep our elderly loved ones safe. Keep yourself informed, there are plenty of things you should know about moving during the pandemic. If there is no possibility of postponing the move there are precautions that you and your parents and the movers must undertake.

  • You should talk to the movers that you choose. Ask about their health and if whether they were in contact with somebody that was sick. Show your concerns regarding the move at this moment in time and ask which precautions the movers will take.
  • Follow all the health guidance concerning coronavirus:
    • Practice social distancing
    • Wash hands frequently
    • Sanitizing
    • Wear protective masks and gloves


Protective face mask, gloves and hand disinfectant.
Following the health guidance given by professionals regarding coronavirus is essential if you wish to stay safe.
  • You should keep sanitary and hygienic products nearby and make sure they are easily accessible in case they are needed.
  • Sanitize all the belongings and boxes before the move and before you take them into your elderly loved one’s new home.
  • Find out in advance where the nearest hospitals and urgent care centers are.
  • Pay and sign everything that you can online to avoid being in contact with people.

Sort out health care when moving your elderly loved one

Probably one of the most important things to do is to ensure your elderly loved one has a good doctor near their new home.

  • Contact a geriatric care manager, they are familiar with local healthcare providers and in-home care agencies. If need be they can arrange medical transport for relocation in advance.
  • Talk to your elderly loved one’s current doctor, explain the situation. Gather all the important medical records and prescriptions before the move.
  • Find out whether the doctors and specialists that your elderly loved one needs are covered by their health insurance plan.
A doctor helps moving your elderly loved one
Finding good health care services and a good doctor for your elderly loved one is crucial.

Try to help your elderly loved one focus on the positives of the relocation and prepare for the move. Find activities that interest them and hobbies that they can participate in. You won’t go wrong if you follow our tips for moving your elderly loved ones and keeping them happy.

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