Tips for moving from Chicago to Los Angeles on a short notice

If you are moving from Chicago to Los Angeles on a short notice, you might be perplexed as to how to do so. Unfortunately, moving all of your possessions to another city or state is challenging. What’s more, such a long-distance move is even more challenging if you have to move quickly. Considering there are at least 800 miles from Illinois to California, this relocation a real feat, particularly if you do not have a lot of time on your hands.

Luckily, we are here to help you figure out how to move all of your stuff in the least amount of time. Although this may seem overwhelming, there is no cause for concern. Yes, this relocation comes with its set of challenges. However, it is far from impossible to move from Chicago to LA on a short notice. Let’s take a look at a few organizational tips that should help you succeed.

Start planning immediately for moving from Chicago to Los Angeles on a short notice

There is not a single reason to postpone the making of your relocation plan. In essence, having a good plan is everything when it comes to long-distance relocation on short notice.

The best way to start is to make a mental draft, an overview of your situation. Why – you ask? Sometimes people underestimate the amount of time and things that they actually have at their disposal. This usually happens when it has been a while since you moved house or done some downsizing. As a consequence, you might actually have more things to pack than you initially thought you had.

Not knowing where you stand with the amount of stuff you have to transport to LA can slow down your relocation considerably. When short of time, this kind of disorganization can prove to be a costly mistake. So, in order to prevent any delays, start planning your move from Chicago to LA the moment you find out about it.

chicago main square sign
Moving from Chicago on short notice can be stressful if you do not act immediately.

Begin with pre-packing as soon as possible

There is no reason to wait to finally sign the paperwork with the relocation company you have contacted. Every hour counts when you have to cross the distance between Chicago and LA. For this reason, be sure to negotiate with the moving company about the date and the scope of services that you might need. A good and responsible moving crew like should be able to notify you immediately about the exact time they can come to your place to load the moving vans. Additionally, if you see that you are in a race against the clock, you can ask the moving crew to come and help you with packing as well.

los angeles red sign against azure sky
Start packing your bags and boxes – soon enough you will be a proud citizen of LA!

Figure out what to do with extra stuff that you have before moving from Chicago to Los Angeles on a short notice

Sometimes it happens that you have more belongings than space in your new LA home. This realization can be extremely frustrating since the last thing you want to do when you are short on time is have discussions on whether you should dismantle your wooden closet and take it with you, or just give it away to your friends or relatives in Chicago.

Alternatively, you might want to look into renting additional space for your belongings in Los Angeles. Instead of making a hasty decision to throw or give away your stuff, it might be a better solution to simply store them in a secure storage unit that is close to your new LA home.

Taking this approach can also save you a lot of time. Namely, you won’t have to deal with people coming in to take a look at or pick up the furniture while you are in Chicago. When moving on a short notice, every second counts, so we recommend you use your time wisely.

two people packing their stuff carefully
If you start packing efficiently, you will be able to move on time.

Make reservations with your moving company in due time

It is best if you contact the moving company of your choice as soon as you find out when you need to move out. This is particularly true when it comes to relocation in the summertime. This is when most people choose to move, so be sure to give your moving crew a heads up so that they can act quickly. A capable and experienced moving company should be able to put you into their schedule even on short notice. Nevertheless, do not wait until the last minute to contact them.

Make a schedule and stick with it

Moving on a short notice can be a demanding and tiring task. Not having a clear idea about when you need to finish packing each room can turn on you quickly. Packing and moving under pressure can be even more challenging. People usually cannot think clearly when they are in a rush. This might make you pack your belongings inadequately, which can result in damages. For this reason, it is best if you devise a timetable that will clearly delineate when and how you need to do what.

Another benefit of keeping with the schedule is that you can ask the moving company to send in additional help. So, if you notice you are struggling with disassembling and packing, you will have someone to rely on to give you a helping hand.

All in all, we hope these tips on moving from Chicago to Los Angeles on a short notice have helped you prepare yourself for the big move. We wish you all the luck!

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