Things you won’t need after moving from Seattle to Los Angeles

Moving to LA is a smart choice! It is a dream of many to relocate and live in this magnificent city, a city full of wonders and warm weather. However, moving can be a laborious process, especially if you decide to move everything you own. So, you’ll want to make your move easier, right? There is no reason to move everything you own to your new LA home, and this is why today we are going to explore all the things you won’t need after moving from Seattle to Los Angeles. So, let’s explore what you should do and what you shouldn’t before your move to LA!

Full closet of warm clothes

This is the most obvious one. Although sure, LA can occasionally have colder weather, it is not in any shape or form comparable to Seattle’s weather. Of course, you should bring some warm clothes to LA, but there is no need to move your whole closet from your Seattle home.

A few spring jackets some warm jumpers, and a couple of winter clothes will be more than sufficient o battle even the coldest LA days. So, if you want to cut your moving expenses and save money while moving, don’t bring every piece of clothing you own to California.

Moving from Seattle to Los Angeles through snowy woods.
LA will never be colder than Seattle.

Also, there is a way to make some money of your winter clothes into money so you can cover some relocation costs. You can always sell some of your clothes online or by selling them in a backyard sale.

However, if you don’t want to sell your clothes, and if you don’t want to bring them over to LA, you can always donate them or give them to someone. There are plenty of people in Seattle who are in desperate need of winter clothes, as the weather there can be very punishing to the homeless. There are many donation centers in Seattle, so get in touch with them and see how you can donate your clothes to people in need.


Sure, moving companies do transfer furniture, so if you want to relocate them – you can. However, there is no need to transfer every piece of furniture you own to Seattle. Of course, if you have expensive or furniture with an emotional value, you can bring it to your new LA home with quality packing materials. Just know that adequate supplies are very important, and you should pack your furniture with the right packing materials before you give it to a moving company.

However, if you have furniture that is not expensive, and you are not emotionally attached to it, bringing them over will just make your move to LA more expensive. Moving companies calculate the cost of the relocation by weight and distance traveled, so if you can bring the weight down, your move will be less expensive.

Also, just like clothes, you can sell your furniture and get some money for it. This will surely cover most of your moving expenses, and leave you with some extra cash with which you can buy new furniture in Los Angeles.

Furniture and TV.
Moving every piece of furniture from Seattle to Los Angeles can only make your relocation more expensive.

There are two more reasons why you wouldn’t want to bring your furniture to your new LA home. The first one is that you’ll probably have some furniture in your LA home, especially if you plan to rent an apartment. If you plan to live under rent, chances are that your apartment or a house will be fully equipped already.

Also, moving furniture out of the moving truck to a home can be a hard and dangerous process. There is a chance that your furniture will get damaged or someone will get hurt. This can especially be true for rooftop apartments.

Things moving companies won’t move

Moving clothes and furniture from Seattle to LA is entirely optional. It is entirely up to you if you want to move it, leave it, sell it, or gift it. However, with some items, you’ll have no choice. There are simply some things moving companies s won’t move at all, due to different reasons. Some items moving companies consider dangerous, and some items are not allowed to be moved by law. So, what are some of those items?

Narcotics and illegal drugs

Telling movers to move narcotics and illegal drugs to Seattle is not only immoral but illegal. Moving companies won’t even move medicine, let alone illegal drugs. Of course, if states allow it, you can move medicine and some marijuana if you are using it for medical purposes. However, you cannot move more than an ounce of marijuana with you.

Weaopns black.
Before deciding on moving weapons from Seattle to Los Angeles, you should check with your movers and consult law if you can do that.

Just don’t jeopardize your movers, and see if moving drugs with you is legal in states you’ll be passing. Our friends from PortaBox Storage recommend informing yourself about every law that’ll directly be dealing with the stuff you’ll be moving, especially when it comes to moving drugs.

Illegal animals and plants

The same is true for illegal animals and plants. Don’t put a moving company in an awkward situation, as you shouldn’t own those things at all. There is a reason why there are lists of illegal animals and plants as they can pose a significant threat to an existing ecosystem. Other than that, moving companies usually won’t even consider moving house pets. But you have to check that with the moving company.


Even though American laws are very loose when it comes to owning weapons, no regular moving company will take weapons and move them to any location. For that, you have to choose the right movers. Ask your movers if they can move your weapons, but chances are that you are going to get a negative answer. Also, you have to inform yourself about existing weapon laws in all the countries they’ll go through.

So make sure not to bring anything suspicious when you’re moving from Seattle to Los Angeles, and consult your moving company about everything you want to move.

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