Texas cities perfect for Californian families

Many Californian families are moving to Texas. You can find whatever you’re looking for in Texas like good schools and such. The cities we are about to show you are pretty different but they are all great for families big or small. We made sure to show you places that are safe, and full of kid-friendly amenities as well as proximity to good job opportunities. After all, we need to have a good job in order to afford everything the kids might need in the future. So without further ado let’s check the top Texas cities perfect for Californian families.

The obvious choice – Austin

We all know that Californians love Texas and this city is on the top of their list of Texas cities perfect for Californian families for years now. Austin, the state capital and county seat of Travis County, is situated on Interstate 35. It’s only about 75 miles north of San Antonio. It’s a bit further away from Dallas but you can still go for a fun vacation there if you wish.  Austin’s unemployment rate of 3.2% (June 2021) is lower than the national and state averages of 3.9% and 5.0%, respectively. That’s always a good piece of news.  The typical workday in Austin culminates with a commute of 25 minutes. That’s not so bad, right?

Six major universities and colleges may be found in Austin. The University of Texas (Austin) is the most well-known. When compared to other major cities of a similar size, the Austin area’s educational facilities are widely regarded as superior. If you start asking residents you will also learn that this city can be an excellent place for dog owners. There are plenty of dog parks to be found here. How do you like our first choice? We have a few more for you so, prepare yourself.

The view of Austin, one of the most popular Texas cities perfect for Californian families.
Austin is one of the top choices amongst Californian families.

Another obvious choice – Dallas

Dallas is about 30 miles east of Fort Worth, in north central Texas. The Caddo people were the first inhabitants of Dallas. After being conquered by the Spanish, French, and Mexican empires, the territory eventually became part of Texas and the United States. Dallas became an official municipality in 1856.

Since this city has a population of 1,304,380, Dallas ranks as the third-most populous municipality in Texas and the ninth-largest city in the United States. Forty-one percent of Dallas residents currently own their own homes. For families that are important because they won’t be changing neighbors often.  Dallas’s unemployment rate of 3.9% is lower than the national average of 3.9% and the state average of 5.0%. Compared to the rest of the US (10.5%) and Texas (13.6%), the poverty rate in this state is significantly higher at 18.9%. The sum total of those statistics is excellent news.

Dallas is full of places where families may have fun and are very kid-friendly. There are 18 top-tier colleges and institutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area so you know your kids will have top-notch education. If this sounds like a perfect place – make sure to call movers and team up with the right people who can help you out.

The view of Dallas.
You can never go wrong by choosing this city as your new home.

Fort Worth

You will be only 30 miles from Dallas. But you will be able to get a much better price on a house in this area. That is something you need to consider. There is an average household income of $62,190 and a median house price of $169,700 in Fort Worth, resulting in a home price-to-income ratio of 2.73. As a whole, the United States scores 3.5. For this reason, purchasing a home in this area is quite inexpensive. Fort Worth’s unemployment rate of 3.9% in June 2021 is lower than the national average of 3.9% and the state average of 5.0%. This is one of the best places for healthcare professionals. But there is room for many more.

Oil and gas extraction, manufacturing, aviation, and aerospace are currently the most important industries in the Fort Worth area. Jobs in the service sector, including banking, consulting, teaching, engineering, medicine, and accounting, are abundant in Fort Worth. Many young companies are hiring technology consultants. You may also find several amenities in this city that are ideal for children. If Fort Worth is what you are looking for make sure to call evolutionmovingdfw.com to help you out.

Houston, we do not have a problem!

As you can see Californian families are mostly going to the most popular cities nowadays. You should realize that many families are drawn to the Houston area because of the relatively low cost of purchasing a property there. The Houston metropolitan area is recognized as one of the best in the United States for manufacturing. There are nearly twenty Fortune 500 firms headquartered there. These include Halliburton, Sysco, FMC Technologies, Baker Hughes, KBR, ExxonMobil, Center Point Energy, and also Marathon Oil, and let’s not forget Waste Management. There are 13 reputable schools in Houston, with two that are among the best in the country. Houston’s educational facilities are generally of a satisfactory standard, on par with those of other cities of a similar size. The Texas Med. Center, which houses hospitals and universities, is a major draw for locals in Houston.

city at night and traffic
Job opportunities, good schools, and low housing prices – what more could we wish for?

Last but not least – San Antonio

This is yet another attractive place for homebuyers because of the lower prices. Many Californian families enjoy that. When people think of visiting Texas, they think of San Antonio. This is the most popular tourist destination.  There is a sizable military installation there, and the town as a whole is full of life. When traveling south from Austin, you’ll arrive in San Antonio after 75 miles. They have amazing schools as well as plenty of job opportunities. The city of San Antonio and its surrounding area attracts so many tourists annually, making employment opportunities in the leisure, tourism, and hospitality industries quite plentiful there. The average travel time for a resident of San Antonio is 24 minutes, which is not bad at all. Thus, this is surely one of the top Texas cities perfect for Californian families.

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