Starting a family in Irvine: neighborhoods to check out

Irvine is a wonderful city in Orange County. This place is one of the safest in California, and many people dream of moving there with their loved ones. Young couples who have in mind starting a family in Irvine soon are pretty interested in checking out different neighborhoods. Luckily, this city has to offer amazing places ideal for family life.

Moreover, Irvine is home to community college and Concordia University which can mean a lot to people whose children want to continue their higher education. Also, this city has a museum where you can see amazing works of art. Not to mention a lot of excellent restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, and cute stores. Schools here are pretty great, and job opportunities are numerous, so moving to one of its neighborhoods can be the best decision ever.

Cypress Village

To begin with, there is Cypress Village. This neighborhood in Irvine has a suburban vibe, and people are both renting and buying homes here. Education opportunities are very good, and this neighborhood offers both entertainment and sports. Many people who live here enjoy biking, swimming, playing volleyball, tennis, and other sports. Cypress Village is a great choice for families, and it should be a priority.

Books one might find in a library in Cypress Village should they decide that starting a family in Irvine is for them
If you have in mind starting a family in Irvine, know that Cypress Village has pretty good schools.

Hiring movers for your Irvine relocation is a smart thing to do

When you choose the perfect neighborhood in Irvine for you and your partner, and after you buy or rent a house or flat, you should start organizing your move. We strongly advise you to simply reach out to experts and have a stress-free relocation experience. True experts in the field of moving are offering all services you may need, like packing. storage, furniture moving, and many others. With the right kind of help, you will have only positive things to remember when your move is in question. 

El Camino Real is a good neighborhood to check out for all who plan to start a family in Irvine

The second neighborhood in Irvine, California, that you must check out is El Camino Real. This place offers both apartments and family houses when homes are in question and pretty good schools for kids. Also, El Camino Real has excellent restaurants where you can have family lunches and dinners, great stores where you can shop, and wonderful parks. If you choose to relocate here, you will have many opportunities for outdoor activities with the people you love.

A real estate property.
El Camino Real offers very good housing options.


The third neighborhood that many young people choose to relocate to is Westpark. This place is one of the safest in Irvine and has an urban feel. When it comes to housing options, Westpark is a neighborhood that offers very modern flats and houses. If you decide to relocate here, you will have access to many nice parks, wonderful restaurants, and cafes. In addition, all residents of this neighborhood in Irvine have a chance to enjoy outdoor activities.

Turtle Ridge is among the best neighborhoods for starting a family in Irvine

The fourth place in Irvine that we find very charming is Turtle Ridge. This neighborhood in California is smaller but very beautiful, and many adore it. A great number of people choose to relocate just here with their loved ones and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle. When it comes to schooling, the education system is not bad at all, and parents are satisfied with the teachers and the conditions of schools in general. Furthermore, Turtle Ridge has many restaurants with very tasty food and is a very diverse place. You can find many shops here, and the parks are breathtaking. Since this neighborhood is among the smaller ones, people know one another, and neighbors tend to be close and very friendly. If you want to live in a place with a positive atmosphere and good energy, you will not make a mistake by moving to Turtle Ridge.

Family house.
You can find many charming family homes in Turtle Ridge.

University Town Center

University Town Center is the fifth neighborhood in California that many people like a lot. As you can conclude, many students live here, but young professionals and families are also. This place is more affordable than other neighborhoods, and you can buy an apartment and condo for a lower price. Renting a home here is also cheaper, and this is why many people are relocating here in recent years. University Town center is very walkable, which is excellent for everybody’s health, condition, appearance, and for surroundings also. Many residents of this neighborhood in Irvine own a bike. Restaurants in University Town Center are great, bars are excellent, and you can meet people from different cultures here.

Woodbridge is a great choice for all who have in mind starting a family in Irvine

Finally, there is Woodbridge, a neighborhood in Irvine that is among the best ones for people with children. It is very diverse, and public schools in this place are very highly rated, and parents are very satisfied. Residents of Woodbridge are mostly liberal, and you can find amazing coffee shops and restaurants in this neighborhood in California. Moreover, this place has very nice homes on sale, and you can hire a professional real estate agent to find the perfect one for you if you choose to move here.


In conclusion, there are many wonderful neighborhoods for starting a family in Irvine. For example, Cypress Village has both good educational and recreational opportunities. Also, El Camino Real has a wide variety of housing opinions you can choose from. Westpark has many modern flats and beautiful family houses as well. If you and your partner prefer smaller neighborhoods, Turtle Ridge in this city in California can be just perfect. Education here is excellent, there are nice locations where you can go out, and people are very nice and welcoming. Furthermore, University Town Center has cheaper housing options for both buyers and renters. Importantly, residents here tend to walk or bike, which makes this neighborhood eco-friendly. And, there is Woodbridge, an ideal location for many families that are liberal.

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