Shipping to the Middle East explained

Shipping to the Middle East happens more often than you might think. Many companies do some sort of business with the Middle East. Many even have their offices in this popular region. Thus, there are plenty of US expats populating this exotic location. As a result tons of packages of all sizes are being shipped every single day. But, is shipping to the Middle East as simple as shipping items in the US? Keep on reading to find out.

Everything you need to know about shipping to the Middle East

Certainly, the easiest thing to do would be to contact Four Winds KSA and let the professionals handle your shipment. Even in such a scenario, you should know what you are in for when sending items to the Mideast.

A guy packing a box and Shipping to the Middle East
Once you brush up on all the shipping tips, make sure you cover all the packing tips as well.

Customs advice

In any scenario when you are looking to send something out of the country, there are certain procedures or protocols that need to be followed. Almost always the customs will be involved in some capacity. Therefore, in most scenarios customs documentation will be needed. Since the Middle East is made up of multiple countries there can be some discrepancies and differences in the process. This you should always be aware of it. For instance, if you are planning on importing something to Saudi Arabia, you better go through a specific Saudi Arabia import guide.

Shipping times

Very often when shipping something time is of the essence. If you are sending something urgent or extremely important you have the option of express shipping. Companies like FedEx and DHL provide this type of service. By using the fastest way possible they will get your package to the desired destination in two to five days. Of course, this type of shipping is more expensive than the standard kind. For those less urgent shipments, you can use the regular shipping rates. This is much more affordable but naturally takes longer.

E-commerce in the Middle East and exporting

Sometimes getting through an international move is extra hard because you cannot bring with you all the things that you adore from your old place. When moving to the Middle East don’t let this fact bother you. Most Middle East residents enjoy online ordering all sorts of items from the US. As a matter of fact, 60% of them frequently perform online purchases that get delivered to the comfort of their homes with no issues. So, when in The Middle East you can continue your online shopping addiction without any problems. All you need is a credit card and a valid address. Your purchases can be with you in no time.

A person holding a nicely packed gift ready to be shipped.
During the holidays you can always surprise your family or friends with beautiful gifts even if they live in the Middle East.


Shipping to the Middle East is a well-oiled machine. If you are worried about it, it is time to release all the build-up stress. There are many professional shipping companies that provide excellent services. The majority of them will provide specific guidance if you need it before shipping out the item of your choice. But, just in case it is always good to get informed and know what awaits you.

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