Senior’s guide to downsizing to a smaller home

When you come to a certain age you will realize that life isn’t about the big things. Happiness isn’t about having a loving but about having the right things. At seniors age, you will have enough time and, still enough energy to explore the world. Moving and changing the environment is something that everyone does at that time. One of the basic needs, when you are a senior, is a functional home. You don’t need a wide-open space but a functional and approachable one. Downsizing to a smaller home is one of the important tasks. Consider this as a great opportunity to change some of your old habits and a chance to live a more fulfilled life.

Make the right move

Making a plan is an essential part of downsizing to a smaller home. Once you find a perfect place, you should be aware that, besides downsizing you, also, need o to organize the entire move. In the beginning, you need to set your priorities straight and decide about the importance of your things. In addition to that, value your time the most. Having help is the right way to do it. Nowadays, finding a trustworthy moving company is easy. You can find the best professionals and arrange the entire move by phone or online. Before they come, in order to downsize to a smaller home, you need to :

  • Check your new space
  • Declutter
  • Pack and store

Following those steps can help you to manage this relocation and downsizing more easily and to save your time and energy.

What is your next move?

Don’t move more than you need

Checking your new place will give you the right insight. If you lived, previously in a large apartment, downsizing will mean you have to get rid of much of what you own. But how much? You will find out when you visit your new place. You can make a project and decide how do you want to furnish it. Making a list of necessary things is important.

Detailed cleaning

The right way to downsize to a smaller home is to clean and declutter the previous one. Going room by room is probably the best tactic. You will become aware of everything you have and what is really necessary for living. In moments like this, you will realize that tend to collect so many things without an actual need for them. Donate those stuff or sell them.

Phone call
Call for some help

Have a second option

Purchasing the moving supplies is the next step. If you want your belongings safe, pack them on the right way. Boxes from a firmer material are a great option and you can reuse them after or you can store your stuff in them. If you haven’t decided yet what to do with that extra stuff, rent storage. This way you can buy extra time to decide about your thing or you can leave them there until you need them.

At senior age, downsizing to a smaller home can be hard and exhausting. Having professional help and planning it right can be the solution.

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