Searching for moving companies online- tips and tricks

Today, you can find all the info online. So, it is normal to look first online when moving and hiring a mover. Searching for moving companies online may be tricky, but many of them are reliable and experienced. Of course, there are always scammers. That’s why you should learn how to recognize a good moving company online and hire the best one. We can help you with that with some simple tips and tricks.

Tips for searching for moving companies online

Where to start when looking for a moving company? Most people start online. Here is what you should do to hire the best and most reliable moving company. Prepare for the move fully and don’t stress out.

An illustration of a person pointing to a five-star customer experience after hiring a moving company online.
Hire only the best mover and check every detail before you sign a moving contract.
  • Visit the company’s official website – searching for moving companies online often start by visiting a website and checking the services the company is offering. A reliable moving company will invest time and money on a website and online presentation. One of the websites to visit is
  • Visit social media profiles – After website, check social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. They should post photos, discounts, and other info.
  • Read online moving reviews – You can find online moving revies on Yelp for example and other online platforms. But, you must learn how to recognize fake feedbacks. They are usually posted on the same day, they are only positive, style of writing is the same, etc.
  • Check license number on FMCSA – You must check if the company owns a license Never hire a mover without a certification. Luckily, it is easy to check on the FMCSA website. There you can find a database of all licensed moving companies in the USA.
  • Get free moving quotes – Every reliable moving company will offer free moving estimates online. This way you will know the average price of your move.

Steps after finding a mover online

You will find online tons of moving companies, so choose about 3 of them you liked the most. What are the next steps? What should you do now?

  • Check the insurance of a moving company
  • Ask for moving company home surveys and get an accurate moving costs
  • Don’t sign a blank moving contract or a contract that they will “finish” later and always read the contract fully
  • Don’t pay a large deposit because it is one of the red flags
  • Pay attention to a moving vehicle, worker’s t-shirts, their experience, and knowledge, etc. during an in-home moving estimate
Fraud alert online.
Learn how to recognize scammers and red flags

Searching for moving companies online as you can see, is not hard, scary, or impossible. You can check almost everything on the internet. Not only moving companies. You can search for homes, fill in the form for changing address, etc. Find the best moving company in your area and have a smooth relocation.

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