Reasons why LA families are moving to Alameda County

So, in the past couple of years, we’ve seen an influx of LA families moving to Alameda County. You’re probably wondering what the reasons behind this trend are. More and more families these days are choosing to live somewhere quieter. When one thinks of LA the term quiet¬†doesn’t really come to mind. To be honest, it’s the other way around. Healthy family life involves being close to nature, having your own peace of mind, so to speak. It’s pretty safe to say that’s the most obvious reason behind the trend. But not only, for sure. In the text below find out why more and more families are choosing beautiful Alameda County as their new home.

The so-called urban/suburban mixture

One of the reasons behind the above-mentioned trend is Alameda County’s own blend of urban and suburban landscapes. The county seat is located in Oakland. With about 430.000 residents it surely isn’t an ideal quiet place. At the same time, it’s also not LA. It’s a moderately big city if we’re paying close attention to terminology. In any case, you can easily settle in the Oakland suburbs. Just pick the type of help you need and you’re all set. Staying near this moderately big city¬†and, at the same time, enjoying the green suburbs is a dream come true for many of us. It’s no wonder most families choose suburbia.

Beautiful skyline in Oakland, Alameda County
Just by looking at this picture you can clearly see Oakland is far below LA in terms of big city chaos.

Safety as the no.1 priority

There’s no debate about this subject. Most people will agree that the safety of their family should be a top priority. Although some parts of Oakland aren’t the safest places to be alone at night, the rest of Alameda County is pretty safe. Low crime rates speak in the name of the above-mentioned fact. There’s no need to talk about crime rates in LA, right? Oakland’s crime rates are nothing in comparison. As families mostly choose the suburbs – moving there will have you surrounded by like-minded family-oriented people. Always pick out the right crew for your move. In the manner of good old neighborly care, we’d recommend you contact, quality movers with experience in the area. They’ll make sure your suburban fantasy comes to life in no time.

A beautiful home in Oakland, Alameda County
You’ll get used to sights like this after moving to Alameda County. This beautiful house is located in Oakland.

Low rents and the average cost of living

Alameda County is quite affordable. Families these days have a dozen or more expenses. We all know how hard it can get. They surely want to cut down expenses to a normal, affordable level. Sometimes it’s not so easy. People in Alameda County renting homes are a majority. The average cost of living is lower than most parts of California, and rents are fairly low. It’s natural to say that moving to Alameda County would be a tremendous financial benefit for most young families moving there from LA.

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