Reasons to move to Mississippi after retirement

Maybe you are thinking about moving to Mississippi, but are hesitant about it. Mississippi has options for you to spend your golden years! It has a lot of exciting places to visit, a rich history, diverse culture. But before you start searching for moving companies , take a look at the reasons to move to Mississippi after retirement. We hope that this article will squash any doubts about Mississippi and make you want to leave California.

What are the best reasons to move to Mississippi after retirement?

1.  Mississippi hospitality

Relocation is a stressful thing and there are a couple of things to consider before you decide to relocate to Mississippi. And when moving into a new state and a new town, it’s crucial to have some companionship. Making new friends becomes extremely difficult after retirement. People usually close their sell-off and are not open to new experiences. They already have friends that they have known for years. However, in Mississippi, this is not the case. People are very open to new friendships. The state is known as the Hospitality State for a reason. People are warm and will welcome you with open arms. So if you decide to move to Mississippi, you won’t have to worry about making new friends.

an image of a wall with writhing that says make people feel love today
Hospitality is one of the reasons to move to Mississippi after retirement

2. Tasty cuisine

For anybody that considers themselves a foodie, Mississippi cuisine is a must-try. If we were to describe the food of the Magnolia State in two words, it would be comfort food. Let’s see what they have to offer:

  • One of the reasons to move to Mississippi after retirement is the delicious soul food. Enjoy the tasty fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, and many more soul food dishes.
  • Take a bit of the Mississippi sludge burger. Now you are asking yourself what is a sludge burger. It is a burger exclusive to the Magnolia State. The sludge burger was created in the Great Depression. People mixed bread crumbs with minced meat to make the meat last longer.
  • Mississippians make great BBQ. When you move there, you will have to taste the pulled and ribs.
  • The last on our list of delicious Mississippi foods is mud pie. Now the name sounds off-putting, but this dessert is anything but off-putting. The base of this pie is crushed chocolate cookies which are then topped off with chocolate cake and chocolate pudding.

Mississippi has many more great regional dishes. We hope that before mentioned dishes will make you speed up your moving process  to Mississippi so that you can enjoy your golden year there.

3. Great music scene

The Magnolia has a rich music history that still lives on today. Mississippi is the birthplace of blues. Freed African-American slaves created the styles. The most famous type of blues in the state is the Delta blues. Many famous musicians performed in the Delta blues Style:

  • Tommy Johnson
  • B.B. King
  • Willie Brown and many more.

    an image of a neon light sign that says blues
    Retire in Mississippi so that you can listen to authentic blues music

The king of rock n’ roll himself was born there. Elvis Presley was born in the town of Tupelo, Mississippi. So if you are a fan of blues and rock n’ roll and what to relive your youth through music, chose Mississippi.

4. Enjoy a slower-paced lifestyle

Anybody from California or any other state should consider retiring in Mississippi so that they can avoid the fast-paced lifestyle. As you advance in age, you don’t want to be in a rush for everything. Mississippi will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere so that you can enjoy your golden years in peace. You won’t have to be stuck in traffic because there is very little traffic there. You won’t have to worry about getting anywhere you can relax and think about when your grandchildren will come to visit you. To make your move comfortable, like your life in Mississippi, can help. They are reliable professionals who have a lot of experience and will be able to relocate you stress-free.

5. When the slow-paced lifestyle bores you, visit the big cities of Mississippi

Nobody can knock down a quiet lifestyle. Most of us prefer it. However, if you ever feel bored and want to feel youthful again, you have the option of visiting the more populated cities of the Magnolia State. Mississippi is not densely populated. You can find the most number of people in the cities. The four biggest cities in Mississippi are:

  • Jackson, the capital of the state
  • Gulfport
  • Southaven
  • Hattiesburg

    an aerial view of city buildings
    Get the comfort of a small town and the excitement of a big town

So if you ever need to do something exciting, these cities will be able to provide you with it. When you move to Mississippi, you can choose a small town near these bigger towns and visit them anytime you want.

6. Our final reason to move to Mississippi after you retire is that there are many options for outdoor activities

Mississippi has many open spaces where you can stay active during your retirement. You can go and observe the local wildlife is one of many wildlife reserves. Go hiking in many state parks and national forests. And if you want to take in some sun, visit one of the many beaches in coastal Mississippi. There is an abundance of activities to help you pass the time and stay healthy. If you chose to move, the Magnolia State, trained teams are there for you . They will handle every part of the move. When you finally arrive in Mississippi, they will unpack you and you can resume your life as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

Mississippi is a good state for retires because you can enjoy a quiet lifestyle and visit the big cities for some excitement. You are in absolute control of what kind of life you want to live, and we hope that our reason to move to Mississippi after retirement will persuade you to move there.

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