Reasons to move from Florida to California in your 20s

Many young adults like to change the place where they are living. Not only to experience new things and cultures but because they want to express themselves in places that are more perspective than the ones where they grew up. And changing a state can impact their lives in so many ways. There are many reasons to move from Florida to California when you are in your 20s. It is a state where you can meet many different people from all over the world, mostly young ones. Especially those young professionals that have highly developed their skills and knowledge. Also, there are many summer activities in Ridgecrest and in other cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco that young adults find interesting.

Weather plays a big role in the reasons to move from Florida to California

The fact that young adults think about weather conditions might be completely surprising to you. And it is expected. Well, let’s clear this thought up. So, in Florida, you have extremely hot summers, but even winters are warm in most of the cities. For instance, in Miami, the lowest temperature is in January, and it is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. In some cities such as Key West, it can get colder, but the majority of young adults don’t live over there. At least not during the winter months. California is quite the opposite of that. Summer is warm and long. But winters are quite refreshing. And it is good to have a change like that.

In both of these states, hurricanes and floods are somewhat common. But these days, that can happen anywhere. However, it will still be different, and you will experience a new climate. Also, what can be related to climate is the terrain. It is definitely different, and many people would say better than the terrain in Florida. Come and see for yourself, you won’t regret it. Just remember that even if you don’t have many things and you are not relocating the entire household, you still need to check out and hire professionals to make this relocation happen.

When you are in your 20s, all you seek is the adventure

Being rebellious, curious, and adventurous is something that everyone should be when they are in their 20s. Don’t allow anyone to tell you anything different or criticize you. Now is the right time for you to act like that. And in California, you will be able to find much more adventure than in Florida. First of all, beaches in California are different than the ones in Florida. You will be entertained by just having a picnic and enjoying your entire day over there and catching a sunset. But that is not all. You will be able to hike around some stunningly beautiful mountains but visit valleys, as well. Also, when it comes to water, the ocean is not everything there is. You will be able to see plenty of lakes, and deserts. If you are an outdoorsy person, there will be plenty of things and places to explore.

People hiking at sunset
If you happen to love hiking, being able to engage in it could be one of the reasons to move from Florida to California.

That is not everything. There are people that don’t really like spending their time in nature. They would rather curl up in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and read a good book in an alternative café, or a library. Well, even that you can have in California. You can find both crowds and peace. Whatever you prefer. If you have a significant other, explore the charming cities in CA for couples. You would be surprised how many cities you can find. Having these different adventures are for sure one of the many reasons to move from Florida to California. It is California after all.

High-quality education is definitely one of the main reasons to move to California when in your 20s

California is well known for its high-quality education. There are so many universities that you can choose from. And no matter which one you choose; you can be sure that you will get the proper education over there. Some of the best world-known universities such as Stanford and the University of California Los Angeles (better known as UCLA) are there. If you want a prospective future and a good education, you know that this state will offer you possibilities for that.

Once you enroll in one of the universities, make sure that you arrange a stress-free process when it comes to moving. You will achieve that only by hiring local movers that will do the entire work. Not only it will save you some time, but money as well. And that should be important to you since moving from Florida to California can be quite expensive. Especially if not done properly.

A field with a view of the university building.
California is home to many great universities including UCLA.

Culture, art, and other things will inspire creative young minds

There are plenty of reasons to move to California from Florida, and one of them is for all those young and creative minds that cannot find their peace in Florida. There are so many museums, art centers, galleries, and similar places where you will be able to express yourself. At the same time, you will be able to learn from others and get inspired by many other artists. But to be able to do so, get some apartment hunting tips because you will need a place where you will live.

One of the reasons to move from Florida to California is to feel how everyone is accepted

Being different and accepted is not something that you can feel everywhere you go. Sadly, in some places, there are still people that will judge the book by its cover. Here, you won’t have to worry about that here. People from all around the world come to live in California, and they are all accepted by everyone. You will have a healthy life, and most likely, you will want to stay here for good.

Two men hugging.
Should you want to feel welcome and accepted, California is the state for you.

Now is the time to have those long night drives

Florida doesn’t have that long road with beautiful scenic views that you can enjoy for hours. But California has. All you need is a couple of good friends, a good playlist, snacks, and a vehicle. For sure, as someone in their 20s, you want to experience these small road trips with your buddies. And now you can. This might not be one of the main reasons to move from Florida to California, but it can surely affect your decision. Think about it.

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