Preparing heavy furniture for a move: tips and hints

Moving can be a difficult activity. It takes a lot of prep and organization to execute. It takes a lot to execute and speed it up; however, when you are moving furniture then, the process is even more complex. You have to take care of bulky and heavy furniture. It is not always easy to pack and protect it for transport. You also have to be careful about handling it, loading, unloading, and often disassembly. Knowing a few tricks and tips about moving can be very helpful once the moving date comes. To handle your relocation well and to make it a success, you should know a thing or two about preparing heavy furniture for a move.

Moving heavy furniture

There is a lot you can d to make moving your furniture easier. Since it is bulky and heavy, you should take extra care in preparing it and packing it for a move. This usually means that you must

  • Make a list of furniture you are moving
  • Get the right packing and protective materials
  • Plan to disassemble it if possible
  • Get the right moving assistance

Make a list

Moving furniture is usually impractical. It is heavy and bulky, and difficult to handle. Moving furniture is expensive and you can easily replace it once you move. However, sometimes furniture can have sentimental value or be a priceless antique. If this is the case then you will surely have to move it with you. You should strive to downsize but also should make a list of furniture that has to be moved. This list will be important for the process of preparing heavy furniture for a move and planning the moving activities.

A couple Preparing heavy furniture for a move
Make sure to start preparing heavy furniture for a move in advance.

Get the supplies

The right supplies for packing furniture are critical for its proper protection. You should obtain everything you can, starting from cardboard boxes, padding materials like foam, and moving blankets, as well as plastic wrap. Some of these supplies you can source out for free, while some you will have to buy. Keep in mind that quality packing materials can be quite expensive, influencing your budget considerably.


Bulky furniture usually must be disassembled for easier handling and protection. You can do it yourself, taking care not to damage anything. After disassembly, carefully pack each piece separately for the best protection possible. However, for long-distance moves, the advice is to leave it to experts ta handle the disassembly and packing. This is because professionals have the necessary experience and knowledge to disassemble and pack everything for the best protection.  Only with expert knowledge, full protection for the long haul to California or anywhere else is possible.

Couple packing a chair while preparing heavy furniture for a move.
Get the right packing supplies to ensure your furniture survives the trip.

Get help

For moving furniture, your best option is not to risk it. Finding the right movers with proper equipment and knowledge for handling heavy things is highly advisable. So, do some research, look for reviews and try to find reputable and trustworthy movers. They will be able to handle moving your furniture safely and securely, even for long-distance relocations.

In short

Preparing heavy furniture for a move is crucial for its safety during transport. So make sure you follow these tips when preparing furniture for the move.

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