Planning a move from California to Illinois: how to make a perfect schedule

Your relocation to Illinois from sunny California will be quite a change for both you and your family. Moving from the coast inland may prove to be a challenge and will require some time to adapt. At the same time once you make such a decision you are in for a long and tedious moving process. This type of interstate move is never easy and can be stressful. However, by making a good organization and planning a move on time, it can prove to be quite easy. The key is to start planning a move from California to Illinois in advance and try to create a perfect moving schedule to follow.

California to Illinois – a destination to move to

Well if you are already in the process of preparing for the move to Illinois then you have done your homework and know what you are in for. Everyone has different reasons to make a big change like this. Some of the facts about Illinois that make it desirable for many people. First of all, Illinois is one of the most beautiful states in the midwest. It is away from big cities and the hustle and bustle of big centers. Beautiful nature and surroundings are home to many small towns and cities that are perfect for quiet and peaceful living. Cornfields, planes and rolling hills, and untouched nature are perfect reasons for lining here.

A road through the forest in Illinois
There is some great nature and many great places to settle in Illinois

Small cities and towns are known for their tight-knit communities. Their staple is a low crime, great education, affordable living cost, and great job opportunities. The economy is also stable and strong with a low unemployment rate. All of these factors are drawing more and more people in. However, with the help of Golans Moving and Storage, their relocation here seems to be smooth and easy.

Your interstate move to Illinois

Your interstate move does not have to be difficult. It is almost like a puzzle that you have to assemble. If you take your time with it all of the pieces will fall into place easily. So a good moving plan is key. It requires timely preparation and keeping to a tight schedule. All of this will make your relocation stress-free and smooth.

Planning a move from California to Illinois requires you to follow the right steps to make it without too much trouble. It is clear that first, you should research your potential new home. So learn as much about Illinois, Chicago, and all of the other cities that you could settle into. consider the pros and cons of moving there. Get a moving estimate and make sure you are ready before you get on your way.

Planning your move

If you have your sights set on Illinois then we can presume that you did your research. But to make this big step you have to prepare for your move. It may seem complex but with the right research and preparation, it is quite manageable. The key is to have a plan that will deal with certain aspects of the move. The moving plan must encompass and consist of a:

  • Moving checklist and schedule
  • Budget
  • Inventory list
  • The decision about Moving assistance
  • Packing and supplies preparation

Moving checklist and schedule

One of the key aspects of this plan is a moving checklist and schedule. As this is a complex endeavor it is necessary to make a detailed checklist to avoid missing a crucial step of this process. A checklist must encompass every possible step on the way. From planning to pack and get supplies, to cleaning your home and discontinuing services at your old place. All of these should also be timed. So you should a lot and define when these would start and end and in which order they will be completed.

Cup of coffee on a calendar that is crucial for planning a move
A moving schedule is the first step of planning a move from California to Illinois

This is key so you have everything on track. Control of the process will not be possible without a perfect moving schedule. With it, you can follow each step and make sure that all of the peace in this process fall in its place at the right time.

Inventory list

You should also decide on what you will move to Illinois with you. You should make the effort of decluttering your belongings and moving only what you will need. Based on this you should make an inventory list that will help you keep track of your belongings. It will also help you when planning for the packing supplies and packing. So make sure to make a detailed inventory about the condition and value of each item so you can keep track of everything.


Proper budgeting when planning a move from California to Illinois is crucial, especially for this long-distance relocation. A move can be very expensive so you should make sure that you are able to support it financially. Try to make a detailed and realistic budget as best as you can. Start from just how much you have and take into account all of the possible expenses. Make sure to incorporate the cost of packing supplies, needed moving services, but also travel costs, and post-relocation expenses. To be comfortable and covered financially also plan for some contingency expenses if something unforeseen happens.

The decision about moving assistance

A proper move is not possible without people you can rely on to handle this job professionally. Moving assistance is critical because only reputable and experienced movers can perform this job securely and quickly. Doing a DIY long-distance relocation is not advisable so you must plan to hire professionals to help you out. Residential movers will safely handle your belongings and even provide storage services and transport of your items to the storage. In this way, all of your moving needs will be covered by professionals.

A couple is packing boxes and planning a move from California to Illinois
Make sure to plan your packing process and supplies

Packing and supplies preparation

Proper packing f your belongings for a long-distance move is very important. The trip can last for days and you will not be able to care for your items. So while planning your move make sure to plan to properly pack and protect them. This means that you should plan to acquire the proper packing supplies like cardboard or plastic boxes, duck tape, foils, and styrofoam or bubble protective materials. Taking time to do this right will protect you from any damage and expense if anything gets damaged. A perfect moving schedule should a lot enough time to do this right.

Time to start your preparations!

Planning a move from California to Illinois is important. You should not do this without proper organization and prep. So, make sure to rely on guides like this to help your moving preparation. At the same time know that you can always look for professional movers that have experience and that can keep you on the right track. Once you know how it is easy to make your moving schedule and stick to it.

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