New Jersey to Illinois – How to Organize a Perfect Interstate Move?

Relocating from one state to another doesn’t have to be a complicated process at all. With a little bit of organization and a lot of efficiency, one can easily organize a perfect interstate move. Moreover, throughout the rest of the text, we will emphasize the importance of having a moving plan prior. A plan will help you get organized and be efficient throughout all the moving stages. Therefore, without any further ado, here are some simple and guaranteed tips to help you move from New Jersey to Illinois successfully.

How to Organize an interstate move

In order to have a simple and successful move from New Jersey to Illinois, you should start by creating a well-structured relocation plan. A good plan will serve as a guide throughout the process of moving. We also suggest breaking down the move into multiple stages so that you can tackle each individually. Breaking it down into different tasks on different days will simplify the process and allow you to focus on one thing at a time, and not get overwhelmed by the overall picture.

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A perfect move is impossible without a good plan. Therefore, plan first, do later!

Use your plan to write down everything important and necessary for the move itself. A perfect interstate move needs to be planned out from the beginning, middle to the end. For example, always have a budget and your finances in mind while moving. In addition, if you are getting professional assistance consider researching well ahead. Hence, a solid timeline is also the backbone for your moving plan, while the plan is the foundation for a successful relocation.


As you set-up your moving plan and tasks prior, it is very important to have a set budget. Having a financial aspect of everything well ahead will make it much easier to understand the full scope of your move while being aware of any and all expenses. As you evaluate the numbers and have a budget in mind, do a bit of research on all expenses that will arise as you relocate from New Jersey to Illinois. Having a rough idea and estimate of how much money you might be spending will help you calculate how much the overall move would cost. Being prepared ahead in terms of finances is not only smart but necessary. 

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Budgeting allows you to have a spending plan when it comes to upcoming expenses. Very necessary for a big step such as a relocation.

Moving Stages

As we have mentioned previously, breaking down the relocation into numerous stages and steps will help you achieve that perfect interstate move. For example, packing is one of the most important stages of moving. The better organized the packing process is, the easier it is to unpack later on. Meanwhile, we suggest adding a stage before you begin packing anything at all.

Decluttering will help you get rid of unnecessary and excess items, hence helping you have a lighter move from New Jersey to Illinois. While you are at it, categorize the declutter piles! Have one for donating items, one for garbage, and one for a garage sale. Certain items that are in good condition could be sold, and you could profit along the way!

Next, as you have a clearer space, you can begin the process of packing. As it is a very repetitive process, it’s very helpful to tackle this stage a few times in between. For example, you can start with the least used items and pack those up. As your moving timeline progresses, you can gradually move onto the items you do need on a daily basis. By the time the moving day comes, you will have done plenty of packing already. Hassle-free!

Professional Assistance

An interstate move definitely means a bit of distance to travel. When you consider all of your packed up boxes and furniture, doing all of this alone can be a little overwhelming. If your budget allows for it, you should think about hiring a moving company to take care of the transfer of your things. Meanwhile, in order to have a smooth process, your movers have to be reliable and experienced. Start by doing research and relying on reviews. Always compare a few different companies to evaluate before making final decisions. In addition, always communicate with the movers ahead, and discuss their terms along with their expenses for the move. Asking all the important questions will give you a better idea of whom to hire. 

Perfect Interstate Move

Now that you have a plan, a budget, stages of moving, organized packing, and the help of a moving company, how can you not have a perfect interstate move! The key to any successful move is to plan ahead. Planning ahead enables you to perceive the progress of a process, hence you stress less as you are well-prepared.

The words always remember to plan ahead written on a blackboard.
Remember-planning ahead enables you to foresee the outcome of a situation. Meanwhile, you maintain the organization, which is necessary for a successful move.

When you get in touch with Gibraltar Van Lines, ensure to discuss the best date for the moving day. Relocating from New Jersey to Illinois is not too far, but it also isn’t super close. It’s important to be aware of the distance and how much time it might take so that you can plan accordingly. Another tip is to consider the season you will be moving in. If you have the time and chance to choose, avoiding the peak season for moving can also help you save some money down the road. 

New Jersey to Illinois

Once again and always, a solid plan or a checklist will keep you focused, efficient, and organized, while on a timely schedule, hence enabling you to manifest maximum productivity. With tactics and strategies in motion, you will notice that relocating is becoming simpler and you are closer to having that perfect interstate move. Therefore, aspects to keep in mind at all times are to start early on, have a timeline to work with alongside a strategic plan, and take this big change day by day, step by step.

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