Moving to the Orange County – how to find a house remotely

First of all, we congratulate you on your choice to find a home in Orange County. It is a fantastic area, very well connected with Los Angeles, and with a lot of things to do. However, wishing to move somewhere is one thing, and actually buying a home is entirely another. This can be even more difficult if you don’t have the time to travel yourself to LA, so you need to resort to finding a home remotely. Today, we are going to explore how can you find a home remotely when you are moving to Orange County, what you need to know, and how to execute this process successfully!

Last time we explored how you can find long-term accommodation in Kuwait, and today we are testing a similar idea, but closer to home!

Find a local real estate agent

Local real estate agents have dedicated their careers to know the owners and the market of Orange County. Simply, they are experts in their field, and there is no way that you’ll know the market better than them.

Moving to the Orange County with a realtor.
Moving to Orange County without a real estate agent can be risky.

It is important to find a good and reliable real estate agent, or an agency, so you won’t have any trouble. Most real estate agents have their own web pages, so you can search for them on the internet. Look at their reviews, prices, and what kind of customers they are dealing with before you decide to move to Orange County.

Know what you want

Even before you get in touch with a realtor, you should at least have a rough idea of what you want from a home. Even the most successful and knowledgeable real estate agents cannot help you if you yourself don’t know what you want. This is why you need to have a take with yourself before you decide on what type of home you want. Also, it would be a good idea to look up Orange County online to see the locations. Not all locations are the same.

It is very important to understand the real estate market in Orange County

When you’re buying a home, it is important the know the prices in the area. And not only that, you need to get familiar with the history of prices and try to predict how much they are going to change in the future. Of course, this can seem impossible, and this is why you should consult with your real estate agent to see when is the right time to buy a home.

Graph and a pen.
You should get yourself familiar with the real estate trends in Orange County.

So, get familiar with the market before you decide to buy a home in Orange County. That can help you make a rational financial decision and can yield you many benefits in the future.

Use internet

In this case, the internet is your friend. There are many websites online that have a catalog of homes on sale, so make sure to check it out. Our friends from recommend that even though you might not buy a specific home you saw online, browsing what is available in Orange County can help you get a feeling for prices in the area.

Orange County is becoming quite a popular area, and a good chunk of homeowners put their homes on online catalogs. However, you shouldn’t trust the images only, but more on that later.

Get in touch with professional movers

Professional movers exist for a reason. Moving large quantities of stuff safely from one part of the country to another is not that easy. You need to ask trained crews for assistance once you decide to move to Orange County. Remember, there is a slim chance that you’ll move immediately. This is why you need to contact your chosen movers at least a few weeks in advance, or even months if you are moving during the moving season.

Home inspection

One of the safest ways to check the home remotely is to hire a professional home inspector. Home inspectors check everything in a home for their clients – from plumbing and lights to the state of pools and lawns. Make sure to find a good home inspector. Like moving companies and real estate agents, you can search for home inspectors in Orange County online.

Make sure to stay in touch with your chosen home inspector at all times. Good home inspectors will leave nothing to the case and will report everything, no matter if the situation is good or bad. Home inspectors are for anyone who wants’s to move, whether you’re family from Alabama, or a person from Chicago, having a good home inspector is always beneficial. You don’t want to buy a home-based only on images you found online.

Make an offer

Now it’s time to make an offer. Try to negotiate a lower price of a home if you can. Even if you find out that something in the home doesn’t work as intended, don’t back up. Maybe you can use that as leverage to get the price of a home down. Many problems can be fixed in a couple of weeks, and if you are especially versatile in DIY projects, you can fix some of the problems yourself.

Signing a contract.
Make sure to have all the necessary paperwork before moving to Orange County.

It is very important to have all the paperwork necessary for the transaction. Check with your law consultant or with your real estate agent what you need to have if you want to buy a home in Orange County. Without proper paperwork, even if you have paid for the hose, you can get in a lot of trouble if you haven’t respecte3d the legal criteria.


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