Moving to Bahrain with your family

The Kingdom of Bahrain has recently become a magnet for people from all over the world. Many choose to visit or even move there to live. As a developing economy, Bahrain has started attracting both professionals and whole families. It has also become a tourist destination for everyone wanting to get to know the culture and history of this kingdom. Like any move, moving to Bahrain is stressful. Moving halfway across the world cant be easy, but getting to know your destination can help relieve the stress. So what should you know before moving to Bahrain with your family?

A few facts about Bahrain

Bahrain is a small island country in the Middle East in the Persian Gulf. Its location made it an important part of the merchant routes trough its history that dates back to the bronze age. It was part of all of the major civilizations in the region. Bahrain was even a United Kingdom colony and it became liberated in the seventies. As such, Bahrain has a diverse history, culture, and religious background. It is an Islamic state but its also considered to be the most liberal in the region. However, Bahrain has some strict rules and moral standards that must be followed.

A view of Bahrain at night.
Bahrain has become a highly popular location to move to.

As a rich oil country, Bahrain became a melting pot, attracting people from all over the world. It currently has more foreigners living there than the local population. The kingdom also hosts a great number of people of different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds as well as religions. Even with this, moral rules stemming from Islamic religion still govern everyday life and foreigner are expected to adapt.

Bahrain has a developed oil production and oil-refining and processing industry. Besides that, it is identified as a financial hub of the region. These facts made it possible for large multinational companies to make it their base of operation. These companies are major employers that draw in both professional and family migration. When planing an overseas relocation it is imperative that the preparation for your move done by professionals.

Islamic person in traditional clothes in front of a mosque.
Bahrain has the tradition deeply rooted in Islam.

Moving to Bahrain with family

To move for work in Bahrain you must acquire a visa. Visas are provided trough the help of a sponsor. Sponsors can be individuals, institutions, and companies that provide sponsorship for the Visa process. Usually, the sponsor is the employer, but you can also find one in the sponsoring registry. The employer must provide a work visa in advance, before your travel to Bahrain. Work visas can be obtained through a simple procedure and by providing a work contract, sponsorship letter, and a health record. Family members can enter and live in Bahrain trough a Family visa or a residence permit. Family members will only have a visa for the duration of the contract and are not permitted to work.

One of the major advice when moving to Bahrain as a family is to take the time to find accommodation beforehand. Making living arrangements in advance always relieves stress connected to such a long-distance move. Ex-patriots usually tend to find compound accommodation that guarantees privacy and a few luxuries. The capital offers great accommodation and a good transportation system but newcomers usually tend to find a home on some of the islands. Bahrain has an archipelago of islands interconnected by bridges so its easy to commute. This situation also makes it attractive for people working in nearby Saudi Arabia or Qatar to live there.

Tackle the move

Planning and organizing such a long-distance move is always complicated. A lot of things have to be handled and the stress of it can be overbearing. To be more relaxed and avoid making mistakes it is always advisable to hire professional help. When it comes to Bahrain its always good to hire local companies such as Four Winds Bahrain. Local help is important because shipping regulations in Bahrain have to be followed religiously. Failure to comply with the strict rules can even result in incarceration so a local company can provide valuable guidance and tips on handling this move. These rules are related to shipping:

  • documentation,
  • obligations including duties for shipped items,
  • items that are strictly prohibited etc.

What to expect when moving to Bahrain with your family

Bahrain is a melting pot of religions, ethnicity, nationalities, and cultures. Most of its inhabitants are not locals. Even thou, Arabic is the official language, English is also in everyday use. These facts can make it a lot easier to move in and adapt to living in Bahrain. However, its good to get to know the Arabic lifestyle. Since Bahrain people are very proud of their Islamic religion, culture, and history it is important to respect the local culture and tradition. As an Islamic country, the moral and modesty rules are followed on a daily bases. And it is very important to adapt to the principles of modest, conservative, and traditional lifestyles.


Bahrain offers a top-of-the-line education system. As a melting pot of nationalities, Bahrain offers a good education system in both public and private schools. Education is multilingual to overcome language and religious barriers. For families moving to Bahrain one of the priorities is to enlist the children in the schooling system.

A woman hiding her face with a red scarf is a usual sight after moving to Bahrain with your family.
Bahrain is traditional and conservative – Families moving in have to get to know the culture.

Culture and history

Islamic heritage and tradition are very present in everyday life in Bahrain. Newcomers must try to acquaint themselves and adapt to this fact. Islamic religion, conservative thinking, and behavior are the things that govern life but are also interesting to get to know and understand. Besides that, the country has to offer a pallet of cultural and historic sites and traditions that are culturally unique and very interesting.

Managing a long-distance, and international move is never easy. Moving to a country with such specificity and a closed traditional lifestyle is even more complicated. Try to research Bahrain as best you can, use this article as a starting point, and get to know the country in advance. It will be difficult but it is manageable. Just try to keep an open mind and Bahrain will become a good and interesting home for your family.

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