Moving out of Florida for a professional career in Chicago – how to stay on schedule

Many people tend to move for their career and professional advancement. These job-related moves are common and people go to great lengths to advance their careers. Even long-distance relocations in these cases are not rare. This is the case when moving out of Florida for a professional career in Chicago. If you happen to move in this relation, be prepared. Such a long-distance move demands adequate planning and organization. It also takes time so it creates the challenge of staying on schedule and moving on time and as planned. So, how to do it right and on schedule?

Moving to Chicago

Chicago today is drawing professionals in. Those in search of a professional career from all over the US and Florida are moving to Chicago on a regular basis. The reason for such an exodus is the booming economy of this large city. The city is developing and its job market is expanding. This is why many young professionals with families are moving here. Jobs are easier to find in the booming economy. At the same time, Chicago is affordable to live in. Taxes, rent, and the cost of living are quite low. At the same time, Chicago is safe to live in and offers great accommodations, nightlife, entertainment, and amenities.

Chicago in the evening.
Moving to Chicago from Florida is a big change but you can benefit from it

Moving cross country – out of Florida to Chicago

A cross country move or interstate moving is the most difficult type of move to perform. It incorporates crossing borders and may take thousands of miles to complete. It takes time and effort. To perform such a complicated task good preparation and planning are essential. This means that you have to take care of the details to ensure that the move goes as planned and successfully. Of course, however, you plan, and regardless of how much you prepare there are many things in interstate moving that can go wrong. In these cases having a well-coordinated crew is all you need to compensate and handle the problem. This is why interstate moving is not to be handled in a DIY fashion. It is highly advisable to find adequate professional assistance for your interstate move. Only certified professionals, with experience, equipment, and practice can guarantee that your Florida to Chicago move will go on as planned and on schedule.

Your interstate movers should also be ensured, reliable, trustworthy, and reputable. After all, they will take care of and handle your belongings for a trip that can last for days. So proper research is crucial. Be careful when hiring professional movers to avoid scams and damage to your belongings. In addition, your movers should also be affordable. You should know that the interstate move is very expensive. One way to cut down on your moving cost is to try and make a deal with your movers and get a discount. However, the price of the move will also depend on the scope of services that you require. 

Stick to the schedule

Interstate moving is complex and difficult to organize and execute. However, there are steps that you can take to ensure that it goes smoothly, on time, and according to schedule and easily. Planning in advance is crucial and to achieve a fast move according to your schedule and timeframe you must make preparations on time and:

  • Make a budget
  • Hire movers
  • Make an inventory
  • Pack and prepare

    Person looking at the charts and figures
    Make sure you make a proper plan and a realistic budget

The Budget

As already stated interstate moves out of Florida and to Chicago can be very expensive. The moving budget is a part of every move but it is even more important with long-distance moving. as the expenses are high your budget has to be realistic, and detailed. It must encompass and predict all of the possible expenses that you may encounter. A good budget will also detail the sources of funding for your move. A good budget will ensure that any problem that can arise will be covered and that it will not slow down or put the move to a standstill.


Hiring movers is important and the process demands adequate preparation. Researching movers is crucial. You should find and analyze different movers online. Also research their credentials, reviews, and forums. You should make inquiries and request a quote. Hiring the right movers will make your move easier and less stressful. Also, know that and other moving companies may provide additional services you may need. These services will make your move easier and faster so consider them too.


As your interstate move is expensive and takes time a proper inventory of what you must move is important. It will serve multiple purposes. It will make it easier to assess your packing and moving cost, and also keep track of your belongings. This will in turn help to plan a precise moving time frame and schedule to make sure that you complete your move in time. At the same time, this inventory will help you declutter and get rid of the stuff that you don’t really need. By decluttering, you will save time and money on packing, make your moving load lighter and cheaper to relocate.

Pack and prepare

After you assess the volume of belongings that you have to move you can easily prepare for packing. you can pack by yourself. This means that you will have to acquire the packing supplies and pack. In these cases, you will be forced to ask for help from friends and relatives as you cant handle it yourself. At the same time, you should know that you should pack your belongings properly to avoid damage during your long haul. But you can always go the other way

A cup of coffee and a calendar
Make sure to prepare well in advance so you can stick to your time frame

Many movers provide the service of packing and unpacking. This service can be expensive and it is a part of a full-service move. This practically means that the movers will provide experienced personnel to speed things up and pack your belongings professionally. They will supply packing materials and provide quality and secure packing. As part of this service, they will also disassemble and assemble any furniture or equipment that you need to move. 

 So, if you are moving out of Florida and into Chicago pursuing a professional career, here is some of the advice to keep your move on track. If you stay organized and plan you will be able to handle your move and stick to the schedule without a problem 

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