Moving in with your partner for the first time – tips and tricks

Sharing your life with another person sounds nice. And scary at the same time. And especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, moving in with your partner should be something you can’t wait to do. Starting a new life with your loved one should definitely be a piece of good news. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean it’ll be easy. It won’t. There will be many challenges. And not only related to your moving day. Getting used to each other, and your needs – that is a whole another story. So, let’s dive in and make this experience one of the best ones in your life!

Moving in with your partner means that you’ll have to make a plan!

Yes. Moving is all about planning. And a lot of it. Every relocation is different than any previous one, and that means that it’ll require your complete devotion. Staying focused at all times isn’t always easy, and forgetting about the small details is easier than it seems. That is why you need to make a strategy. And a solid one. A strategy that will allow you to move in with your significant other stress and hassle-free.

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Moving in with your partner doesn’t have to wait until you get married.

Grab a piece of paper and start writing things down

The easiest way to avoid trouble when moving is by writing things down. It will help you get organized, plan your move, avoid mistakes and save you a lot of trouble. All at the same time. Get a notebook and start planning. Choose your moving date. Pick your new home address. Start looking for a new job if you are planning on moving to another city. It doesn’t matter where you are moving to, however, moving assistance and planning for your move is something that will help you deal with this process in more ways than you can imagine. Your Chicago relocation can be made simple, all you have to do is to put some effort into it.


Moving in with your partner for the first time is great news. However, it is also something that will completely change your life. Step by step, day by day. And before you know it, your life will change so much you won’t be able to recognize it anymore. But – hopefully, in a good way.

Moving in with your partner for the first time looks like this.
Start packing on time, and avoid stress as much as possible.

One of the most important aspects of moving in with your partner is talking to each other. Even if it all seems great now – this big change to your everyday routine can cause a large amount of stress. And you need to be there for each other. Not only physically, but emotionally. Talk to each other. Share your point of view. Talk about your emotions, hopes, and dreams. As well as some fears that you might be having. Trust each other. And above all else, enjoy the process.

Moving process

The first thing you should do when organizing your Chicago move (no matter if it is local, long-distance or interstate) is to start looking for reliable movers in your area. They don’t really have to be from your local area, however, this trick will help you save some money along the way. Where to look for movers? The answer to this question is quite simple actually. Here is what you need to do in order to hire reliable assistance for your move:

  • You can ask the people you trust for some references
  • You can look for movers in your local newspaper
  • You can hire movers whose services you have used in the past
  • Or – you can look for the movers online

If you ask us, we advise you to look for movers online. Not only that it will help you reach more movers, and get a better picture of the moving market (and all the different offers), it will also help you decide what services you’ll be needing. Also, looking for moving professionals online will allow you to compare different rates, discounts, services, and other benefits. And saving money when moving in with your partner is all about finding the best option available.

Packing tips

Packing is one of those tasks that sound like they are about to take care of themselves. They won’t. And packing certainly won’t. it is a process that can take a lot of your time and energy. Our friends at have told us that the most common mistake most people make when moving in with their partner for the first time is that they underestimate how much time packing their belongings will take. And just like every other serious and experienced mover out there, they have told us that proper planning and completing tasks one by one is the best way to avoid all that trouble that can come when preparing for a big move.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will finish moving in with your partner.


Moving in with your partner is a good thing. It is happening. And it will change your life for the better. You will enjoy it. And even though moving house is the hard part, and it comes first, you should still keep your optimism levels at their highest. You will love your new life. No matter how much it’ll change. You will finally live with the person you love the most. And that is what matters the most in the end. So, yes. Give yourself and your partner sometimes, relax and enjoy the process. It doesn’t happen so often. And when it does – you are left with nothing more but the possibility to make the most of it. Good luck!

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