Moving in together in Chicago – how to find a perfect nest

Starting your life together is a huge step for all couples. If you’ve been dating for a while or you’re just married, stepping into your new home together is a big thing. However, even though it’s very exciting, searching for a perfect nest can sometimes be difficult. You may not agree on everything, places that are available may not meet your requirements, and the search can go on for a while. And we are sure how impatient young couples can be, so we want to make things easier. In this article, you’ll find out everything about moving in together in Chicago. From finding a perfect nest to making an easy transition from living alone to sharing a home with your loved one.

Decide what exactly you’re looking for

When making a big life sep like this, it is essential to communicate with your partner. Discuss your expectations, and what size of home you will be looking for. Putting down the most important requirements and deal-breakers will narrow your search and help you find a new home much faster.

Remember: Moving in together will bring certain changes in your lives, too. Be sure to talk about your life together, and what are the expectations you both have in terms of paying bills, cleaning the house, and other tasks. Dealing with these things in advance will make your life together easier.

a couple hugging after moving in together in Chicago
It’s true that sharing a new home is exciting, but it’s important to deal with some serious aspects of moving in together in Chicago.

Think about the location

In order to find a perfect nest when moving in together in Chicago, it is important to find what locations in the city work best for both of you. Chicago offers some great neighborhoods, but be sure to include other factors such as distance to your jobs, favorite spots, etc. However, wherever you choose to relocate, make sure you get help from a Chicago professional. Master Moving Guide will help with this and ensure the moving stress is reduced to a minimum. You two love birds enjoy this relocation as much as possible. 

Stay within your budget

When talking about future plans and your new home, it is essential to decide on your budget. Whether you’re renting or buying a place together, see what’s your budget first. This will also help you narrow your search and make sure you get a place you can actually afford, without risking financial problems in the future.

a couple on the floor with a dog after moving in together in Chicago
To be sure that you’ve found the perfect nest for moving in together, check if you can afford it.

Do the research online

Fortunately, the internet has made it easy to find your perfect nest. You can easily do online research of Chicago neighborhoods, available homes for rent and for sale, and also do many errands online and save time. However, when picking your new home, it’s best to choose a couple of favorites, and make sure you go and see the place before you make any important decisions. Also, it’s important to do it together with your partner, to make sure you both like the place.

Think about the future

When couples buy a place to move in together, they are making a long-term commitment. Not only to each other but also to the apartment or house they are purchasing. That’s why you need to think about your future together and see if the place fits your family even after a couple of years. Think about how long you are going to live there, whether you want a large family, etc. This will ensure you truly pick a home that will support your family’s growth in the years to come. That’s why pay special attention to the extra rooms and storage, and the ability of the house to fit a larger family.

Do you feel at home?

When browsing homes, make sure you pay attention to how you feel inside each place. Do you feel at home? How do certain rooms make you feel? Even though you build a home by making your own memories there, it is important that you ‘get the vibe’ from the house the first time you enter the hallway. Trust your guts and always go for your and your partner’s instincts.

Stay flexible

When two people have their own requirements and expectations, it’s sometimes difficult to find a perfect house. Even though you should be firm with the things you want or not, also try to be flexible with certain items on your list. If you find a home that’s very close to your perfect nest and checks the most important boxes, go for it! Small details can be easily changed by a renovation.

chicago from above
Chicago has so many great options for you, make sure you find the perfect one!

Talk about the things you’re bringing

One important aspect of moving in together in Chicago is dealing with items both of you will bring from their previous homes. It’s best to make the list of double things you own and see what’s best to do with them. Decide on your new home style, free space, and decoration, and choose the items that fit the best to that plan. This will make the packing much easier, as you will know what exactly you’ll be moving with you. And when the time comes to pack – do it like a professional. Organize and label your moving boxes, plan the new space in advance, to ensure the unpacking process goes smoothly and quickly. 

You’re already thinking about the plans

One of the best ways to know if you’re looking at your new perfect nest is that you immediately start thinking about your future there. You don’t want to look at other homes, and can’t wait to tell everybody about it! These are usually the feelings that confirm you’re doing the right thing about moving in together and purchasing a home of your dreams.

Take your time

Sometimes, people give up on the most perfect homes after they sleep on it. Take your time with the search, to make sure you really feel the same even a day or two after seeing a certain home. Go home and talk about the pros and cons of the house you like, and make sure both of you agree on the most important aspects of this purchase. Only then you can be sure that moving in together in Chicago is the right decision for you and that you’re one step away from your perfect nest!

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