Moving from Union City, CA to Brooklyn, NY: neighborhoods to consider

Moving from Union City, CA to Brooklyn, NY could be your best decision. Brooklyn has so much to offer and it can fulfill the highest expectations in different areas of anyone’s interest. Therefore, it’s no wonder why many people choose to find their homes and settle here.

This NYC borough has evolved, and its reputation has changed for the better over the last few decades. Now, Brooklyn is one of the hottest and trendiest boroughs in New York City. People from all walks of life, like families, entrepreneurs, artists, and more move to this neighborhood. And, that’s a trend in later years. That’s why Brooklyn is the most populous borough in the city now. Yet, when you’re moving from Union City, CA to Brooklyn, NY, it can be intimidating trying to find the right neighborhood to live in. Before you start with your responsibilities when moving out, you must discover where you’ll move. So, here are some Brooklyn neighborhoods to consider as your future home along with tips for moving there.

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Search the Brooklyn neighborhoods and find the one that fits you best.

Get the professionals you can trust when moving from Union City to Brooklyn, NY

Relocating to Brooklyn from Union City falls under the long-distance relocation category. So, performing this move is far from an easy job. Doing everything by yourself can turn out to be problematic because there are so many things you need to take care of. And, that’s the reason why you should consider hiring U. Santini Moving and Storage to assist you. By hiring these moving professionals to take care of everything for you, you’ll immediately remove all moving obstacles. You are only left with planning the move itself and movers with the combination of expertise, appropriate tools, and experience will do the hard job. 


This densely populated neighborhood has amazingly rich cultural, ethnic, and artistic heritage. Williamsburg also has high-end galleries bordering bodegas, million-dollar apartments next to factories, and so much in between. By many standards, this place is one of the best neighborhoods to live in Brooklyn. Yet, its popularity and visibility turned Williamsburg into a place with some of the highest rents in NYC. But, if you decide to move here and start learning how to prepare for the move, make sure you also prepare for life in an awesomely vibrant, extremely walkable, and stylish area. This neighborhood, full of street art and trendy places, yet undeniably Brooklyn to the core may be the perfect place for you.

Crown Heights

Crown Heights is a vibrant and unpretentious Brooklyn neighborhood. It’s gaining popularity quickly because of the tranquility of daily life in the neighborhood. Yet, Crown Heights still maintains easy access to the rest of the city. The neighborhood’s historic districts offer unique multi-family buildings along with the new developments. Furthermore, local businesses and restaurants thrive in this place. Also, if you decide to move here, crews nearby can help you relocate. They offer the best mix of price, quality, and professional service, and they are just a call away. So, don’t hesitate, hire them to assist you.

Brooklyn street.
Your goal is to select the right neighborhood when moving from Union City, CA to Brooklyn, NY. So, make sure to know how to find the one that fits your needs.

Red Hook – One of the neighborhoods to consider when moving from Union City, CA to Brooklyn, NY

This tight-knit community of artists and other creatives is the next neighborhood to consider. Red Hook is a quiet place that closes early, which is a nice change of pace from the rest of NYC. Also, the Red Hook residents are fully invested in the neighborhood. So, you’ll find a level of service and attentiveness at businesses here that you’ll not be able to discover anywhere in the city. Yet, housing options are more limited here than in other Brooklyn neighborhoods. But, you can count on additional space for your belongings. All you have to do is rent a storage unit and place some of your belongings in there. They will be safe and sound and you’ll have more living space.


If you work in Manhattan, you would want to be close to it as much as possible. And, DUMBO, offers just that. If you didn’t know Dumbo stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass and that it’s an NYC hot spot. This is a place where you’ll find many young professionals because many tech industry startups were born here recently. This may explain why this neighborhood has rather high rents. Besides having a magnificent, worldwide famous view of Manhattan Bridge, if you move here, you’ll find many restaurants and places to hang out any day. So, you can see why relocating here from Union City is a great decision.

Dumbo, Brooklyn.
Dumbo is also one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn you should consider moving to.

Tips when moving from Union City, CA to Brooklyn, NY

Ass you can see, Brooklyn has so much to offer, and there’s something for everyone here. Also, when you research the borough, you’ll discover many reasons to move to one of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods. Now, all you need to do is to choose the neighborhood that’s perfect for you and find out when is the best time to organize your move. All these Brooklyn neighborhoods have something in common. That’s great job opportunities, housing solutions, and possibilities of rich social life. Here are some tips when moving from Union City, CA to Brooklyn, NY that can help you experience an easier relocation.

  • Start by preparation. Make sure you create a moving plan and set up your budget.
  • Hire a professional moving company to assist you when moving long-distance.
  • Deal with the paperwork. Moving long-distance involves so much paperwork. Therefore, have enough time to do it.
  • Downsize. Before you begin to pack, think about what you need to pack. Do you need everything you own? Chances are probably not. Therefore, make sure you do some decluttering.
  • Gather packing supplies and start packing as soon as possible.

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