Moving from California to NYC for a job: what is the best borough for you 

Moving from California to NYC for a job is a life-altering choice. You are moving coast-to-coast and probably losing contact with some of your friends. But you think that the opportunity of living and working in New York City is too big and you can not miss out. But before you get here, you have to decide where to live in the Big Apple. We at Dimension Moving are here to help you pick the best borough for you. Let’s begin! 

What to expect from moving from California to NYC for a job

Before we get into what borough is the best option for you, let’s see how New York City differs from California. You do not want to pull off a coast-to-coast relocation and be completely unprepared when you arrive in New York City. 

What to expect 

  • First, when moving from California to NYC for a job, you should expect a drastic weather change. New York City is not as sunny and warm as California. The temperature in the Big Apple goes to 28 degrees during winter, so you might want to invest in some warm winter clothing. 
  • Before you arrive in NYC from Cali, you should learn about the public transport system. Unlike bigger cities in California, like Los Angles, you will not use your car a lot, but it does not hurt to own a car. However, you will mostly get around the Big Apple with public transport, so learn the lines. 
  • Third, New York is more densely populated than any city in California, so you should expect to be surrounded by people at all times. It might feel claustrophobic at first, but you will get used to it. 
  • Expect to see a change in the way you eat. While Californians are very food-conscious, New Yorkers are always on the go and like to eat from food stands on their way to work. 
  • Finally, prepare yourself for the enormous and very hardworking competition no matter in what line of work you are. You will have to “bleed” to succeed in the Big Apple. 
a sign that says success go get it
Moving from California to NYC for a job is not easy, and you will need to fight to be successful.

Now you are a little better prepared to come to New York and to do it fast, local New York movers handle your relocation. They will answer all of your move-related questions and offer you all the moving services that you need to relocate to the Big Apple. 

Moving from California to NYC for a job, choose Queens 

Let’s first talk about what Queens has to offer a Californian, especially if you are relocating with your business

The first reason to choose to live in Queens is the cost of living. Now, let’s not lie to ourselves compared to the average cost of living in America, Queens is still very costly. But compared to the cost of living in New York City, Queens is affordable. If we compare Queens to Manhattan, you will find that Manhattan is 30-percent more expensive. Queens can be a good starting point for someone just arriving in New York City with a potential to move elsewhere after they start doing better financially. 

a person counting money
Queens is one of the more affordable boroughs of NYC, so you won’t have to worry about next month’s rent!

The second reason to live in Queen is that you have great renting options. In Northwest Queens, your best option is Long Island City, where you can stay close to Midtown Manhattan. In Central Queens, you should check out Forest Hills, where you can find affordable renting options, with two-bedroom apartments going for 2,500-dollars. 

Finally, there are plenty of things to do in Queens. You can visit the Museum of the Moving Image or Queens Museum. Besides art and culture, there are enough parks where you can spend time outdoors. The most popular walking destination is the Queens Botanical Garden. So if you want to reap all the benefits of Queens, local professionals are your best choice to relocate you to Queens. They know the area well and will move you into your place in Queens fast and stress-free. 

Let’s talk about Manhattan 

No article about the best New York boroughs can go without mentioning Manhattan. Let’s see what you should expect in Manhattan. 

First, we can not talk about Manhattan without mentioning the cost of living. Everything in Manhattan costs a lot more compared to anywhere in America. Manhattan is 150-percent more expensive than the average of America. You will have to pay top dollar for everything, but the thing that will drain your wallet the fastest is the rent. But what every you get in Queens, you have in Manhattan but on steroids. 

Manhattan is a place of its own inside New York City where you can find anything. If you were to get a place in Manhattan, you could forget about owning a car because you can get anywhere on foot or via public transport. And where could you get in Manhattan, let’s see? 

  • First, you can climb the Empire State Building and embrace the full view of the Big Apple. 
  • Second, if you want to walk, visit the most popular park in the world, Central Park. 
  • Third, spend a day in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). 
  • Catch a play in the Theater District, but you should that the tickets do not come cheap and you will have to fight for them. 
an image of Statue of Liberty
Another NYC attraction to visit in Manhattan is the famous Statue of Liberty!

The before-mentioned attractions of Manhattan are just the popular ones. If you were to move to Manhattan, you would get the chance to explore it and see the full scope of what this NYC borough has to offer. So pack your things by using packing tactics and come to Manhattan. 


We talked about the two boroughs of NYC that we think are the most suitable for you. But before moving from California to NYC for a job, you should explore the other three boroughs before deciding. Good luck! 


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