Miami to Chicago move – is this the right decision for you?

Considering long-distance relocation from Florida to Illinois? Should you make this decision right now and what to know before making the final call? Miami to Chicago move requires time, money, energy, and planning, so you need to be fully prepared for this step. It is a big change in life, in every sense. Costs of living, climate, culture, lifestyle, everything will be different after moving.

Differences between Miami, FL and Chicago, IL

Before you start packing for your Chicago move there are many things to consider and to learn.

  • The costs of living in Chicago are about 3% higher than in Miami, which is not a big difference.
  • Yes, the costs of living are higher, but in exchange, the average salary is also higher in Chicago (for about 9%).
  • The population of Miami is around 400,000 while the population is Chicago is around 2,700,000 (Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the country).
  • The weather may be one of the biggest changes after moving. Temperatures in Miami are high and there is always sunny, which is not the case when it comes to the weather in Chicago. Be prepared for colder weather, and of course – snow when the winter comes. Moving during winter may be complicated, but with professional and affordable movers it will be successful, for example with Miami Movers for Less.
  • Chicago’s public school system is bigger than Miami’s and if you are planning Miami to Chicago move with kids, don’t worry about their education.
  • After moving, you may miss the beach, but you have Lake Michigan where you can spend your free time.
View of Miami.
Goodbye Miami and white sand beaches, but on the other hand, Chicago has a lot to offer too

Preparing for Miami to Chicago move

Exploring Chicago is one part of the moving process – the second part is preparing for moving. Long-distance relocations are more complicated and usually, people hire a moving company to leave the Sunshine State stress-free. Research moving companies with experience in moving from Miami to Chicago.

How to pack for moving to Chicago? Declutter before packing, especially your clothing – you probably won’t need all your summer clothes. Moving furniture is only a good option if it can fit into your new home in Chicago. Keep in mind that moving will be more expensive if you move more items. So, decide what is really valuable and practical.

Visit Chicago before making the final decision

Maybe the best way to decide to move or not to move to Chicago is to visit the city. Research best neighborhoods in Chicago where you want to live, employment opportunities, talk to locals, etc.

A view of Chicago after Miami to Chicago move.
If you are able, spend some time in Chicago before moving there for good

Before your Miami to Chicago move, if you have someone you know that lives in Chicago, contact him/her and ask for experience and opinion. Is it the right option for you or not, depends on you. Your priorities in life and your lifestyle. It has a lot to offer, so explore this city and then make the final choice.

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