What to do with leftover moving boxes?

Moving is over, but there is still work to do. One of the problems people have after moving is dealing with leftover moving boxes. What to do with them?  Moving and unpacking are finished, but you have clutter in your new home now. Especially if you had a lot of items to move, that means that you have a lot of moving boxes.

What can you do with them? We have some solutions you may consider. So, let’s start and don’t waste your time, as soon as you figure out what to do, it is better and you can relax and enjoy yourself after moving.

Reuse leftover moving boxes

Find new ways to use moving boxes. You can make something decorative, or use them as shelves or make a bed for your cat or a dog. You can find a lot of ideas online on how you can reuse moving boxes. This will save you money too. People make a lot of things from boxes, they are not only for moving and packing.


If you want green relocation, recycling is the best option for you. If you don’t want to move anymore and your apartment is too small, then recycle and help the Earth. Don’t throw them away, even if it is the easiest solution. More people nowadays think green because Earth is more polluted and there is a lot of garbage. If you are moving a business, this will be good for your business reputation too.

Recycle icon.
Recycle all the paper, plastic, and glass you have. Help yourself, your kids and the Earth too

Give them to someone who is moving soon

If your friends, neighbors, family members or someone you know is moving soon, give your moving boxes to them. If you don’t know anyone, use social media to ask people. Post it online, and someone will contact you for sure. Moving boxes are not free, so if someone is moving on a budget, this may be really helpful.

Storing moving boxes

If you are moving often, then keep them. If you have a storage unit, garage or a basement, store your boxes there. You can reuse them later, or decide what to do with them. But, keep in mind that cardboard boxes and moisture are not a good combination, so be careful. Depending on the place where you live, and conditions in a storage unit, moving boxes can be ruined after a while.

Moving boxes.
If you are moving often or you know you will need boxes soon, store your leftover moving boxes, but not for too long


Seeling may be on option, depending on the place where you live (where you moved). Some cities have companies that are buying cardboard boxes, or find people that are willing to buy used moving boxes for their relocation.

Contact organizations

Contact libraries in your city, schools, food banks, a church, they may need boxes. Make a few phone calls and ask them. A lot of organizations and companies can use your leftover moving boxes.


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