Leaving the West Coast for Canada: 4 things to think about

Moving anywhere is a stressful and exciting event in your life. You will have to consider a lot of things. There are questions to ask before moving and where are you going to move, and many others. So if you are leaving the West Coast for Canada, you will have to ask yourself many questions. But we are going to talk about four things you will have to ponder on. 

Leaving the West Coast for Canada – think about hiring movers 

If you are planning to move to another country, you will need help to get there, and for that, your best option is to hire professional movers. We are going to guide you through the process of hiring relocation experts. 

  • Reading the reviews about the best Canadian movers is the first thing you have to do. The simplest way is to use the internet and Google them. Create a list of fifteen movers and then check their reviews. Out of those fifteen moving companies, make a shortlist of five with positive comments. You can find reviews on their website or social media sites. 

  • The second thing you have to do is find out what services they offer and if they can assist you with all of your moving needs. You can do that by checking their sites. But your best option is to call them and tell them about your relocation needs. 

  • The third thing is to determine the price of your move. To do that, contact your Canadian movers and tell them how many items you need to transport to your new home. Be as detailed as you possibly can so that they can give you the most accurate estimate. 

  • Finally, if any moving companies meet the mentioned parameters, hire them to move you to Canada

movers loading the truck
With movers leaving the West Coast for Canada will be a hassle-free experience.

And if you do not want to do all of these things to find movers that will help you move to Canada, Professional Movers Ottawa can help you with your relocation. They offer a plethora of services, from local moves to the relocation of specialized items like pianos. 

Consider a DIY move to Canada 

If you do not have the budget for professional movers, we will help you tackle a do-it-yourself move. 

  • The first part of a DIY move to Canada is to write an inventory of your household items on the West Coast. You can write your list in two simple ways. The first way is the old fashion way by using a piece of paper and pen. And the second way is to use your phone’s note-taking app. You can also pay for specialized apps that will allow you to update your progress into your move. 

  •  When you have your inventory, use it to get the right moving supplies. The most significant moving material for your relocation to Canada is the moving boxes. You have two options. The first opting is the cheaper one, and that is cardboard moving boxes. The second option is a more expensive one – plastic moving boxes. Plastic bins are durable and will protect your items during a long move to Canada. To wrap your belongings, look for bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts in your local stores on the West Coast. 

  • Then you have to hire a moving truck. Look for renting companies with favorable reviews. And make sure that you can drive the moving truck. 

  • When leaving the West Coast for Canada, remember to follow the number one rule when packing for relocation. Pack your home on the West Coast carefully, so you do not forget any family heirlooms

  • Finally, ask your friends to help you load your truck, and you are ready to relocate to Canada. 

a woman moving a box
Packing will be the hardest task on your relocation to Canada.

If you follow the steps above, you can perform your DIY move to Canada stress-free. 

Leaving the West Coast for Canada – thing about where you are going to move 

Canada is a large country, and it has many diverse cities for anybody to start a new life. If you are looking for more exciting cities, there are two popular options. The first one is Toronto, the largest city in Canada, and has many opportunities for anybody looking to start over. The second option is Vancouver in British Columbia. There you can find excitement all year round, from shopping malls to entertainment and outdoor activities. 

For a quieter and more relaxed option, there is the capital of Canada – Ottawa. While Ottawa has more people than Vancouver the life is more peaceful. Because a lot of inhabitants are bilingual, there are more open to new people. If you choose Ottawa,work with teams close to you, local movers will assist you. Because they know the Ottawa area well, they will get you into any neighborhood problem-free.  

Make sure to find a job

The final thing to think about before leaving for Canada is to find a well-paying and satisfying job. With an optimal workspace, you can live stress-free. You won’t have to worry about your finances, and you can afford your rent, utilities, and groceries. 

a woman in black shirt in front of a laptop
Your work friends will help you learn about your new town in Canada.

In addition, if you love your job, you will be open to making new friends and connections. Your co-workers will show you the place you moved to and introduce you to the local culture. By experiencing your new home in Canada through local people’s eyes, you will be able to see the city or town in the best light. Because of that, you will fall in love faster with your new home in Canada. Finally, if you are moving into a high-rise apartment, follow our guide to moving into a high-rise apartment


 If you think about the four things we mentioned in this article, leaving the West Coast for Canada will be faster. And when you finally arrive there, your transition will be faster and more comfortable. Good luck! 

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