Leaving Ohio for California: best routes for a DIY move

You have decided to leave the state of Ohio behind you and get going to sunny California. Leaving your home is always motivated by some strong reason. Usually, situations like moving require planning and organizing, and sometimes things don’t go according to a plan. You will need more time, money or even a solution for long-distance transport. Leaving Ohio for California is a big bite that you have to take. Do it the best way possible.

A long, long-distance move

When you made a decision to leave Ohio for California, you realized that it is going to be a grand tour. This journey is approximately 2407 miles long. For this kind of distance, hiring some professionals from zippyshellcolumbus.com can be a great thing to do. Normally, this is an expensive sport but it is also an easier way to do it. If you are not ready to spend much money on moving, consider a DIY move.

Do your things

Pack your belongings

Packing and preparing your load here will not be half work done since a long drive is ahead of you and you need to plan routes ahead through several states. Make it easy and allow yourself that luxury to have help. In a situation like this, specialists can jump in. You can be packed in no time and your stuff would be in a safe place. Another mitigating circumstance may be renting a moving truck or moving container. This is is a lot cheaper but will require you to work hard.

Follow the route

On your grand moving tour when leaving Ohio for California, the first state you will enter is the state of Indiana, after that, you are going to Illinois, following to Missouri. After that is a long drive through the state of Oklahoma and a good chunk of the road in Texas. Leaving Texas for New Mexico, then Arizona and finally you are getting to the sunny state of California. If you organize your move in the right way, you can be at your new address sooner than you planned.

Pay attention to details

This is just a list of counties you will go through. When starting from Ohio, first you will have to get to interstate road 70w, near St Louis you will have to merge to interstate road 55, and soon after leaving St Louis to take sing to interstate road 44. Keep on interstate road 44 till Oklahoma City. While exiting Oklahoma City get to interstate road 40w towards Amarillo. Now it is time for a long drive with no detour. Interstate road 40w will take you through half of Oklahoma, the entire Texas part of the road, Entire New Mexico, going through its heart Albuquerque, and onward to Arizona. Stay on interstate road 40w all the way through Arizona and enter California.

Find the best way

Take care of yourself

DIY move is hard but it can help you to save money. Find the best options but take care of yourself during the move. This is the simplest route that there is when leaving Ohio for California. Keep in mind that this is a long journey, so you will have to take a rest several times. Driving a truck, you can’t go wild with speed, so you will need to take at least two-night rest along the road. For your well-being try to take a rest in some motel/hotel along the road and not sleep in your moving truck. While crossing such a long road, try to stop and see some alongside attractions, natural or manmade. The USA is full of secret gems to discover and see.

For sure. leaving Ohio for California will be a great adventure for you. Try to enjoy the journey as much as you can. Every new beginning is a bit hard but your efforts will pay off.

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