Leaving California for a job in Washington DC – how to organize quickly

California is a great state to live and work in. There are plenty of different job opportunities to explore and people that you can meet here are nowhere else to be found. But California is not a state for just anybody. Not everyone is made of what it takes to live in California comfortably. It is a state like no other and you really have to adapt to living here. Not a lot of people want to live such a lifestyle. It gets extremely busy in California, especially in big cities and around them. This is why plenty of people actually decide to leave California and find a job in another state. This is usually a process that takes time but there are situations when the new employer is ready to let you start working as soon as that is possible. And if that is the situation you are currently in, you came to the right place. Since our research has shown that most people who are leaving California for a job are actually moving to Washington DC, here is where you can read how to organize quickly.

Organizing a move, especially when moving from one side of the country to another and leaving one job for another, can be very stressful. But a plan will surely keep you grounded and up to date on what is the next task that needs to be done in order for your relocation to be a successful one.

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Moving from one coast to another can be stressful. That is if you don’t have a detailed plan.

Choose the way you will plan

The first thing you need to do is choose the best way for you to organize this whole process. Some people prefer to write everything down in a notebook and some are modern and like using applications rather than a notebook. We believe that apps are far better to use. Especially if moving with a family. Using an app allows you to easily share the moving plan with them. It is also a much faster way to organize as the app does most things for you. You can easily group tasks however it suits you. There are plenty of these apps for smartphones you just need to find one that suits you.

What goes into such a relocation plan?

There are plenty of things moving requires. Especially cross country moving for a job. This is why your moving plan needs to contain as much information as possible in order for you to have a moving process that is as stress-free as it can be. From the start date of your new job to how much the move is going to cost and how many boxes you need in order to pack up your home, all this information should find its place on your plan. But just how to organize quickly all of this? This is a lot of information to include in a plan. That is exactly why we wrote this guide – to point you in which direction you need to go in order to make your plan as good as it can be.

Where to start?

Beginning the plan is the hardest task if you don’t know much about planning a relocation. And as you don’t have a lot of time, your thoughts are all over the place. Hence why we are here to advise. And our advice would be to start planning from the dates. This will determine how much time you have to finish all the tasks there are to finish. The most important date for you is your first day on the new job. This is your main determinant for this whole plan. And it will help you understand just how to organize quickly this cross-country relocation.

Planning on laptop.
Set the dates and then proceed with planning.

If you have exactly a month from now, that means that you have to get everything done in a month. And there are plenty of things to do when moving from one side of the country to another. In order to start working when you were told you will start working, you already need to be settled into your new place in Washington.

This means that the next thing to do is find a plane ticket if the company you will be working for didn’t get one for you. This is your ride, how you are going to get to Washington DC from California. Any other form of transportation would be a bad idea in this instance. But you have another problem to solve – where will you be staying? This is also something you have to know how to organize quickly when moving from one state to another.

Finding a home in Washington DC

In order to be able to start working you surely need a new home. And since we are talking about Washington DC, you ought to start searching for a place to rent right away. This is a very busy city where plenty of people are moving to. This means that finding a home is not such an easy task. That is why we would actually advise hiring a real estate agent to deal with finding you a perfect place to rent.

The thing that makes this whole process even more complicated is that you don’t really have time to get to know all the neighborhoods and to do research. This might lead to moving to a bad neighborhood or overpaying for a home. Professional assistance is always the best to have in such situations. That is also why hiring allstatemoving.net┬áto relocate your belongings for you is the best thing to do.

Housing Washington DC.
There are plenty of homes but you need one near your new job location as you are still not familiar with the city.

Moving your belongings

Packing is going to take a long time if you don’t declutter your home. This is why the next thing you need to do is start decluttering your home. And if that is not something you want to do or you don’t have so many things, you should start packing. It is better to start packing on time and to have enough time to finish everything rather than to do it in a hurry. If you end up not having where to store all your belongings after moving, additional space for your items can be rented in Washington DC.


You also have to make sure you have all the necessary documentation in order to start working in Washington DC after living in California. But this is surely something your new company will tell you more about hence why doing research won’t be needed. Good thing it isn’t an international relocation s those are even more stressful.

And that is all it takes to know how to organize quickly in order to have a stress-free cross-country relocation process. This will ensure you an easy start on your new job. Good luck!

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