Is moving from California to NYC this year a smart move?

Leaving California for NYC is an exciting and significant decision in your life. You will be changing your environment and the whole way of living. California is the most popular place on the west coast, and New York City is the most popular place on the east coast. Popularity is the only thing these two places have in common. So, let’s find out – is moving from California to NYC this year a smart move?

To decide if moving from California to NYC this year is a smart move, let’s talk about the weather 

As we have said in the beginning moving to NYC will change the way you live, and the first difference is the weather. The weather in California is mostly sunny. Do not get us wrong. There are parts of California that get all four seasons. However, those places are not as popular as ones with a warm climate, like LA.

an image of yellow and red leaves
Some people believe that NYC is the most beautiful in the fall. By moving from California to NYC you can find out.

 But in NYC, you will get four seasons. NYC summers are hot, and winter can get pretty cold. If you come from a warmer part of California, invest in winter clothes. Most people can not decide in which season does New York City looks the most beautiful. Every season brings its charms and color pallets to the city. And as the seasons change, New Yorkers adjust their fashion, and even the people add something to the cities atmosphere. Get ready to change your wardrobe to match the New York fashion. If you ever get bored of NYC, there are many East Coast cities you should visit. 

Cost of living in NYC

The cost of living in NYC is a significant deterrent from people moving there. We won’t tell you any fairytales – NYC is expensive, the most expensive city in America. The only city that can match New York City’s cost of living in California is Los Angeles. So if you are living an easy life in LA, you can probably move to NYC. However, you should expect to live in a smaller place. But do not worry about your things or furniture – excess items will be well kept. With NYC storage services, your items will be packed and put away in clean and well-secured storage unite. 

one dollar bills
You will need a ton of money to live leisurely in NYC.

Moving from California to NYC is a good idea if you like a variety of things to do 

It is well-known that New Yorkers never run out of things does to do. The most popular attractions in New York City are Broadway, Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park. But the before-mentioned things New Yorkers consider tourist attractions. You will be charmed by them at the beginning. But as you continue to live in NYC, you will find hidden gems, and the city will start to become your own. You will find small theaters with indie plays, visit concerts from unknown bands, and eat new and exciting foods. New York City is not only the attraction and the history but what it does to you. So, if you are ready for excitement, come to NYC by choosing the right mover

The benefits of the transportation system in NYC

Californians have to have a car to move around, and on top of that, you will have to stay trapped in traffic. But in New York City public transport can get you anywhere you want in the city. Even though NYC is expensive, you will save money on transportation. The one downside of New York’s public transport is the shade people. In the beginning, you might feel odd or even scared, but as you continue to live in NYC, you will toughen up and not even register them.

If you like a better job moving from California to NYC this year is a good idea

NYC is one of the most business-friendly cities in the world. Many diverse industries are booming in NYC, from art to tech. No matter what your occupation is, you will find a job. New York City’s business market is not stopping to grow because of its population, and many influential companies have their headquarters there. However, we must mention that the competition is fierce, and you will have to fight hard to get hired. But if you get a job there, you will have one of the highest salaries in the world. 

man and woman shaking hands
You will have to stand out in your interview to land a job in New York City.

Should you move to NYC from California this year?

We honestly believe that you should leave Cali for New York City this year. As you have seen above, there are many cons and pros to NYC. But the one thing you will get even if you live a year in New York City is a new perspective on life, filled with the experiences you have made. Now, let’s see how to move to NYC. 

Moving from California to NYC, how to do it

A move from California to NYC is a cross-country move. You will need help with organization. Here is how to do it:

  • Moving from California to NYC can be daunting. The first thing you should do is make an inventory of your household items in Cali. Write everything down in a notebook or in your note-taking app. With an inventory, you will stay organize and relocate faster to NYC. 
  • The second thing is to get moving supplies. Buy them in stores in California that specialize in moving materials or order them online. Get boxes, wrapping material, and tape.
  • The third thing is to pack your items. You can pack your California home slowly over a two-week period to avoid stress. 
  • Load everything in the moving truck safely so that it can survive the transportation to New York.
  • Finally, when you get to NYC rely on Divine Moving and Storage to help you move in. They are local NYC relocation experts that can help you with any moving-related need. 

The end

We hope that we have shown you why moving from California to NYC this year is a good idea. Good luck with your relocation! 


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