How to Turn Your Chicago Rooftop into a Beautiful Garden

Living in the city has its perks, however, every once in a while we crave some nature and greenery. For anyone and everyone who doesn’t have the opportunity to travel and escape the urban lifestyle for a bit, we have a solution for you. Chicago is very fast-paced and urban, however with a few fixes and additions you can have your own private getaway. Adapt your apartment into a mini-vacation spot and turn your Chicago rooftop into a beautiful garden. With a nice layout on the rooftop and a few plants here and there, you could enjoy your garden on a daily basis. Let’s discover how you can transform your Chicago rooftop.

City Vibes

The city could be where your career is, and perhaps your schedule doesn’t allow you to travel as often as you’d like to. With the fast-paced Chicago lifestyle and errands, we don’t have time to pause and enjoy life. Therefore, you have to be resourceful and transform your home your way. Whether you designate one room or a bigger space such as your Chicago rooftop, either way, you are creating something cool.

Your Chicago Rooftop

What’s cool about a Chicago rooftop and having one is that it allows you to step outside and get fresh air while still being at home with a pet. Transforming your Chicago rooftop into a beautiful garden is definitely possible, however, it involves a little bit of planning.¬†We first advise you to check with your building’s laws and regulations. Once you get the idea, the first thing would be to contact the landlord or superintendent and get more information on roof rights and how to attain them.

Chicago rooftop
It’s very important to check the building’s regulations and rules about rooftop access and changes.

Depending on the building and your own apartment circumstances, you may or may not be granted roof rights to create a garden. Considering the space in question is a Chicago rooftop, due to the fact that it is a bigger city, the process might be more expensive. However, you never know until you talk to someone in charge first.

If and when you do get the green light from the building board, it would be a good idea to hire a home inspector, a contractor, or even a building engineer to help with the process. A professional will provide you with better tips and tricks to easily turn your Chicago rooftop into a beautiful garden space.

Gardening and Nature

As you proceed to turn your Chicago rooftop into a beautiful garden, it’s important to consider multiple factors. How much space does the rooftop provide? Do you have permission to transform the entire space? Which plants do you plan to purchase?

In addition, Chicago’s climate brings along harsh and cold winters, and that is important to consider. Creating a garden on a rooftop is an investment, therefore it’s essential that it is able to withstand the climate changes in the city. This is where it would be smart to do some research. Look into different plants and evaluate which ones, if any, have the ability to prosper in the Chicago weather patterns. Meanwhile, an individual with experience in architecture and rooftops might be able to help as well.

Chicago rooftop
Do plant research to find suitable options for the Chicago climate and conditions.

As you get better informed about gardening and plant conditions, it will be easier to take care of the garden in the long run. Transforming your rooftop into a garden will mean work even after you have transformed it. Maintenance of the space is important, especially for the plants. Therefore, be prepared, organized, and committed.

Plan First!

Starting this process is fun, however, you also have to stay organized. As you get permission to proceed with this architectural change on your Chicago rooftop and do some research on gardening, begin putting together a plan. Write down all of your ideas and visions, and then discuss it with a professional contractor or architect. A professional in the field will be able to edit your plan to both your needs and wants and what the building and conditions allow.

In addition, a plan is good to keep around as a guideline throughout the process. Meanwhile, it also enables you to stay on track and within the given timeline to complete this project. The most fun part of the project will be the floor-plan or layout of this Chicago rooftop garden. You’ll be able to see the outcome before it gets finished. Super exciting!

Hence, a plan is very essential to the beginning, the in-between work, and the overall outcome of the entirety of this garden project.

Day 1

If you want to turn your Chicago rooftop into a beautiful garden, start today! Before the working crew gets on-site, ensure that you have all the supplies necessary for this transformation. Also, check that the workers have easy access to the rooftop to make their jobs a little bit easier.

Chicago rooftop
Assistance from an experienced professional can definitely make a difference in this project.

In addition, if you purchased your plants already, make sure that they are appropriately placed and will be safe until the work is all done. Treating your plants with care will help keep them alive for a long time.

Enjoy Your Rooftop Garden

Transforming your Chicago rooftop is not an easy task. However, with effort and hard work, it is possible. What started with questions and discussions on getting permission, has now gone through a whole transformation process.

Another important element to keep in mind is that it is crucial to go through the right channels with an idea as such. As a tenant in the building, you share the space with many other people. It’s important to be respectful of others and to ensure that you can proceed with your idea without any regulations holding you back.

Next, never forget a well-structured plan and a team of professionals. This sole move will turn this project from chaotic to successful. Once you turn your Chicago rooftop into a beautiful garden, grab your latte and step out into your relaxing garden space.

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