How to tell your friends and family you are moving out of state

Moving long distances from home isn’t just stressful for you, it can be very stressful for your friends and family. As these are people you love and who love you, your leaving won’t be easy for them. Especially if moving to a different state that is far away from the one you are currently living in. This is why you have to prepare your family for the fact that you are leaving. If you don’t, it might create more trouble for them. You might be thinking that telling them the last minute is the best way to go as they won’t have plenty of time to think about it and worry but in reality, this just creates more issues. That’s why we decided to tell you what we think about how you should tell your friends and family you are moving out of state.

Introduce the possibility of you moving to another state to them

You will certainly be spending plenty of time with your friends and family before you move away. But the whole process of telling them you are moving away starts when you are still planning it. You have to openly discuss this with the people in your life. Tell them that you have started looking for job opportunities in other states because you are unable to find anything that suits you where you are currently living.

Group of friends.
Introduce the idea on time.

If you have children, maybe you were searching for better schools, safer environment, nicer weather. Maybe you just simply want to explore your options when moving cross country. As soon as you start thinking about relocating to another state, start talking about it. You don’t have to be direct. Sometimes it’s better to be subtle about it. Especially if moving in with your partner for the first time.

Tell them once you have created half of the plan

Once you have created half of the plan, it’s time for you to tell your friends and family you are moving. Waiting until you have planned everything already is a bad idea. And there are plenty of reasons why. The number one reason is that you never know who can help you achieve what you are trying to achieve.

Family lunch.
Gather your whole family and tell them the news once you have half of the plan finished.

Maybe one of your friends can help you find a well-paying job after moving. Some of them might know how you can speed up your moving process. Maybe someone from your family knows somebody in that particular state or city who is renting out an apartment. There are plenty of ways people you know can help you achieve your goals, in this case, move to a different state stress-free. is a moving company experienced in interstate moving and maybe one of your friends suggests it to you as a reliable moving company.

Have understanding

This won’t be easy nor for you nor them. This is why you need to have an understanding when it comes to the reactions that you get. Some people will be thrilled, some will look devastated but be very happy for you. You never know what to expect but you should always be understanding of them. Maybe somebody decides to move with you and you might end up needing family relocation tips.

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