How to survive a summer move in California with pets

Surviving a relocation in California is challenging. Organization and all the tasks it can make your head want to explore. And if you have to relocate with a pet, the difficulty increases. But you do not have to cancel your relocation to the Golden State. Dimension moving will tell you how to survive a summer move in California with pets

Hire movers to survive a summer move in California with pets

Any moving guide will tell you the same thing – you need to hire a moving company to make your move easier. But the challenging thing is distinguishing between bad and good movers. Let’s see what qualities reliable moving companies have:

  • The first quality to look for in a moving company that will help you survive a summer move with pets in the sunny Cali is positive reviews;
  • The second trait is experience. The more the experience, the better. It shows that the moving company has been in business for a long time, and you can only have a company for a long time if you provide a reliable service.  
  • The third characteristic is transparency. Basically, you do not want your movers to lie about the price of your relocation to California. 


movers loading a truck, they will help you move in California with pets
With pets, you will need extra help so make sure to find quality experts.

If you can not find a moving company with all of those attributes, we can recommend you a company. Check out ABC Moving Systems and see if they have all the above qualities. 

Get your pet to the vet before your relocation to California

The second thing you have to do to make your relocation easier is to take your pet to the vet. By going to the vet, you will find out if there is something wrong with your pet. You will need to get your pet’s medical files and bring them to California. The vet can give you a recommendation of any good veterinarians local to California. Finally, they will advise you on how to make moving less stressful for your animal. And how to help your pet get used to your new home in California. With all the advice you get from the pet and the best moving companies in California by your side, you are surviving this move hassle-free. 


Veterinarian with a dog
A vet will tell you if you are ready to survive a summer move in California with pets by checking their health.

Keep your pet safe to survive a summer relocation in California with pets

Our final tip to survive a summer move in California with pets is to keep the pet safe. First, you need to secure your pet during the packing process by putting it in a room away from all the movers working. Then during your drive in California, put him in a pet carrier. Finally, when you arrive, pet-proof your new home in California. And if you need any more help with moving in California with your pet, contact us for any extra questions.

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