How to prepare for a cross country relocation to the West Coast

Finally, after some deep thinking, you’ve decided to move to the USA’s West Coast. You’re probably wondering how you will make it? You may have done it before, and you know what’s there to expect. A friendly piece of advice: Don’t panic. We’re here to help you with that one. Although moving is always a risky task and an overall stressful situation, there are a couple of ways you can prepare for the traumatic ordeal. Alright, that was a bit too much. There’s no need to get all that fatalistic – it’s just the old cross-country relocation to the West Coast. It’s a big part of USA history if we remember correctly. Read the article below to see what you can do to ease the process of moving to another part of the country.

Make a moving timeline

Before doing anything, you should create a moving timeline. Put everything down on paper to see how much is there to do before you actually load some boxes into the truck. Being organized is the key to success, especially in situations like this one. Try to figure out how much time you need to get everything ready for the move and create a moving preparations timeline. You’ll see how this simple trick can greatly affect the quality of your moving experience.

A paper schedule.
Getting everything down on paper and creating a moving preparations timeline is crucial. Being well-organized is the key to success.

Create an inventory – what’s going and what’s staying?

Once that paper is in your hands, you can also make an inventory of all the belongings you’re taking with you to the West Coast. Try to put all your stuff into different categories. It will make the packing process easier.


A cross-country move is a great moment to downsize. Downsizing is a modern-day necessity. We’re living inside a consumer-driven economy, and we can all agree we have more stuff than we actually need. Not only will you have more space in your new home but the cost of your move will be cheaper. Whether you’re hiring movers or not. Organize an old-fashioned garage sale or donate some clothes. Either way – you’re getting something instead of just piling up some stuff you don’t even care about. So, yeah, think about that.

Obtain cheap packing materials

The next thing you should do is to obtain some packing material. Don’t worry about the cost. You can find it pretty cheap or even for free. You’ll need lots of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. Scan your local area for free boxes. Most shopkeepers will give you boxes if you’ll kindly ask them. Other packing materials you can order off the internet for a pretty low price.

Stored cardboard boxes. You'll need to obtain these before the relocation to the West Coast.
Most shopkeepers will give you cardboard boxes for free if you’ll kindly ask them. Other packing materials you can order off the internet for a low price.

Hiring professionals to help you out

Interstate moving is a tough nut to crack. Everybody knows that, even folks who still haven’t moved an inch their entire life. What can you do to make sure this process goes smoothly? If you’re an expert, feel free to go DIY, although it’s not recommended. For small-distance moves – yes, it’s alright. But, here we have a long-distance one. Imagine moving all the way from Florida to California, for example. It’s for the best you team up with professionals instead of organizing the transport all by yourself. Compare the price of an interstate move with the potential damage you can do to your belongings by going DIY, and you’ll see hiring pros is pretty doable.

Disassemble the furniture

One of the best ways to ease out the process of moving big pieces of furniture is to disassemble them if possible. Also, that way, you’ll see if you really need to move that large cupboard holder to your new home. In case you don’t have one – it was just an example. Anyway, maybe you can try to sell it or have it taken out. You’ll find a new one once you settle in your new home if necessary. It may cost you more to move one to the West Coast than to buy one upon arrival. Don’t pack all the pieces together if you’re still up for moving something.

A sofa. Relocation to the West Coast may require some downsizing if you want to go through it cheaply.
Sometimes the best option is not to move large pieces of furniture but to buy a similar piece upon your arrival at your new place. Why? It will cost you more to move it.

Who’ll do the packing?

That is the question. The thing is if you do the packing and loading part of the service and the hired driver takes your stuff to a designated place, you can save up to 25% of the overall price of the move. It can even be a family kind of thing. Involve everyone capable of helping you pack. Call some family members you haven’t seen in a long time. It can be a nice way to relive some memories. Of course, you don’t want them to think you’ve called them just to help you out, so go easy on them. If for some reason, you don’t find this attractive enough and you’re, by chance, moving from Florida, you can always find professionals at Best Movers in Florida. We’re sure you’ll find a moving crew to your taste that suits you best. You deserve a smooth relocation to the West Coast.


So, that was that. Now you know how to prepare yourself and your family for a cross-country move. Soon you’ll find out if any of this was helpful at all. We’re sure you’ll figure out it was. Above all – make sure you’re organized, and you have everything written down on paper. That way, nothing can stop you from having a stress-free trip to the West Coast. Also, hire professionals to help you transport your stuff. You can pack yourself, but transporting your cargo can be a tough one and you can lose more money than you would eventually give hiring a truck. Hopefully, this has fueled your relocation to the West Coast in the right way.

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