How to pet-proof your new office

A dog is your best friend and if you want to have him\her near you while you are working in an office, you will need to prepare the space. How to pet-proof your new office? Working from home has pros and cons too. Create a dog-friendly environment in your new office and don’t worry about the safety of your best friend.

Tips to pet-proof your new office

Here are some simple tips you should try in your new office and your dear pet can walk around safely. And also, you can work without distraction. If you have just moved to a new place, you also need to help your pet adjust to your new home.

  • Empty small garbage cans because many gods love to raid the garbage cans and to make a mess. Making a mess is fun for them, but it will just drive you crazy.
  • Have something in your office that will entertain your pet. Keep in mind that bored gods make and they usually want the attention of something to focus on. Bring something interesting to chew on, for example, or a dog toy.
  • Hide the office treats and other food that you have around. Your food is not good for your pets, it can be harmful. For instance, chocolate and peanut butter with xylitol is toxic for dogs, so keep these treats in a safe place where your dog cannot find them.

With these simple steps, you will be able to create a perfect workspace for you, and your pet as well.

2 people and a dog sitting.
Your pet is your best friend, so make a safe environment

Also, don’t forget a few more important points:

  • Besides hiding your food, have food for your cat or a dog and treats as a reward for being good.
  • You cannot sleep while working, but your pet can. Bring a pet bed, it is a comfortable place to lie down.
  • Have cleaning supplies ready. If you have a cat, bring sand too. Some dogs mark their territory when it is a new environment. Be ready to clean it immediately, it is your responsibility.
  • Put small items such as pens, markers, highlighters, scissors, or anything that your pet can swallow, in a drawer. Store office inventory too, as well as important documents. Do not keep them on a table, until they learn now to touch it.

Bigger projects for pet-proofing your office space

If you are working from home, and you have time and money for some bigger projects to pet-proof your new office, do it. Some of these office projects include preparing floors and furniture.

Pets are cute, but they are also a big responsibility

Invest in tile and hardwood floors because it is easier to clean up. Carpets and rugs should not be in your office, it will make you more work and more cleaning. Avoid bare wood furniture especially if you have a young dog and choose microfiber material for furniture.

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