How to pack your garage

Getting ready for a big day, huh? You’re now about to start packing, and from all the possible rooms, a garage seems like the most complicated one. There are so many things in there not easily ‘packable’. So what are you gonna do? We’ll tell you! You’re gonna keep reading and learn how to pack your garage like a pro

How to pack your garage – step one

If you have experience with changing homes, you must’ve searched for how to save money when moving, how to pack properly, or the like. Then you are aware of the first step in packing. If not, it’s decluttering. There has to be something you don’t really need. As you go through shelves, you’ll notice a couple of those. The most profitable thing to do is host a garage sale.

Selling belongings on a garage sale, symbolizing the first step in how to pack your garage
Sell unwanted items on a garage sale.

What supplies and materials should I use?

When preparing your garage for the move, you want to use sustainable packing supplies, including:

  • cardboard boxes
  • plastic wrap, packing tape, packing paper (pertaining to cardboard boxes)
  • plastic moving containers (it’s more sturdy and therefore a better option)
  • moving blankets, such as towels, linen, bedding, etc. (when you pack your garage, you want to secure each peace)

It all depends on what you store in a garage. If you want to transport your bike safely, for instance, you’ll have to apply different methods.

Pack your garage after making a selection

With easy tips for packing a garage, everything is easier. The next tip is to break down items into a few groups. And you don’t have to be a genius to know how to do it. Having differentiated between garage items, for instance, garden tools and handle tools, you can start packing. Similar items are packed in the same manner, more or less, and they should be placed together. Don’t forget to secure both from the inside and outside (if using cardboard boxes).

Leave heavy items to trained professionals

Speaking of heavier items, the best thing to do is leave them to the pros. They will pack bulky garage items better, easier, and faster than you. Plus, they won’t make the door flung open when doing it or break something.

A man loading a truck
Usually, you can’t pack your garage on your own.

Make sure you label boxes when you pack your garage

To prep up your garage for relocation, the moment you finish packing one box, or simply one item, label it right away. In that way, you’ll lessen the time necessary for unpacking. Moreover, if there are fragile items, label them like that because movers will know they should be extra careful.

Last but not the least

Finally, you should find enough time to find reliable assistance. You’ve learned how to pack your garage. Now, browsing can help you find out how to avoid fraudulent movers and find respectable ones. Furthermore, it covers various topics regarding the moving process that can be of use to you.

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