How to organize a move in two weeks

How to organize a move in two weeks, Californians? It seems a bit unrealistic, right? Well, we tend to differ. With proper planning and a well-documented guide, you will be able to make all those planets align for a successful moving day. To help you a bit, we’ve come up with this guide, which is sort of an addition to the tips for moving alone (this, of course, if you’re on your own only). The guide is made up of 9 different steps which we hope you will find useful in your future moving endeavor.

Selective packing

In order for your unpacking to go as smoother as it can be when you get into that position, you should try and have a box for each room. This way, once you arrive at the relocation chapter, it will be so much easier for you to unpack them the same manner you put them into the box: selectively.

Dispose of the unnecessary stuff

There is no use for you to take everything with you. You`ll for sure end up paying more on the transportation of certain things than by replacing them with new ones once you get to your new home. And as an upside to that, a donation is always well received by the less fortunate. Making good deeds will give you an overall feeling of accomplishment.

cars on a highway
Getting outside of your comfort zone by heading for the unknown is a big step towards personal growth.

Be considerate when trying to organize a move in two weeks

In your attempt of trying to organize a move in two weeks, you should also think about the other inhabitants of the building and learn how to be more considerate towards your neighbors during the process. Keeping an eye on the clock in case you get that boost of energy for packing in the middle of the night could really mean you also care about others, not only yourself. If you want to do it anyway, try and keep the noise to a minimum. Not everyone shares the same schedule. 

Fill those boxes

In case you are an environmentalist, this piece of advice should be redundant. Did you know that if you`re not leaving the boxes half empty and fill them up until you can barely seal them, you`re actually going to use considerably less carton? We`ve just talked about being considerate to people in the previous paragraph. Why not showing the same type of affection to Mother Nature as well?

Get some extra sets of hands

Friends are the ones you usually party with. But real friends are the ones who you can also rely on when in need. And because there can never be too many hands working at the same time, getting help from a friend not only saves you a lot of hours but also makes the time while packing much more enjoyable if the two of you have the same type of crazy and vibe on the same frequencies.

four hands holding each other symbolizing people helping you organize a move in two weeks
Teamwork makes the dream work.

It’s not like you organize a move in two weeks every day. They should be able to dedicate some hours to their buddy going for a better life. After all, they`ll still be visiting there as well, so why not make them earn their future overnight stays?

Don`t forget to label the boxes

It might sound really silly, but in reality, it will facilitate your unpacking so much once you arrive at your new location. Trying to remember in which box you put each item, might be a real stick in the mud. Just by “wasting” 2 minutes of your time when packing will save you hours when starting to arrange the thingies in your new home. An investment that will definitely pay off at a logarithmic rate. This tip is also helpful in case there are fragile items inside, for the handlers to manipulate them with extra care.

Hiring the right movers

Is L.A. at too fast of a pace for your personal taste? In that case, whether you need partial moving services or full relocation assistance, different solutions are at your disposal. If you`ve already decided you wish to relocate out of the center of the nation`s film and television industry, contact the moving company via phone or e-mail and apply for a completely free online moving estimate. Let them make your move easy, safe, and sound. And don`t forget to mention your initial plan to organize a move in two weeks. Better for them to stick to a deadline, than starting their work without proper guidance.

some graffitti on the walls at the beach
It is said that no one leaves L.A. once they get to see their beaches.

One last step and you’re there

You should be the person deciding when is the best time to organize your move. But try not to stall it too much. If unsure of anything, just don’t overthink it too much. Pack and ask for professional assistance whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed. And once you feel you’re ready, make the golden call to the moving company.

Time for some unpacking techniques

Finally, you`ve arrived at your brand new relaxation crib. After all the struggle you`ve had so far, you`d for sure be one step away from falling into temptation and just unpack your stuff as randomly as possible, just to get it over with. Our advice is to have a well-organized unpacking system so that you don`t find yourself doing the job twice.

Whatever you do, try and not fall into the trap of procrastination. After that ship has sailed, it will take you ages to get again into the proper state of mind. Use whichever motivational technique suits you the best. For example, remembering your initial plan was to organize a move in two weeks. Sticking to your own goals and ideals will make you feel better about yourself. Also, you will seem much more reliable in the eyes of others.

buildings having their reflection in a river nearby
Once relocated, everything will start falling into place for you.

First of all, you should start with unwrapping the bare necessities, which will start already to make it feel like home. Once you are settled with your “minimum survival kit”, try and plan the rest of it little by little. Maybe do it while you`re listening to some music or singing a song of your own. In case your fellow colleagues couldn`t give you any assistance while packing out of your old home and helping you organize a move in two weeks, this is their chance to make it up to you.

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