How to organize a California to Pennsylvania move by yourself

Organizing the entire move by yourself can be very stressful. Not just physically because you have to pack and move, but mentally too. You are also relocating your entire life. You are about to make a big transition, and you might be wondering where you should begin. We know it might seem overwhelming. However, it can go smoothly if you are prepared well. You’re about to get all the important facts you should focus on when you decide to organize a California to Pennsylvania move by yourself.

Moving from California to Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a state offering beautiful landscapes plenty of affordable neighborhoods. Besides that, it has a steady and strong job market so you will have a lot of career opportunities. The cost of living is more than reasonable, especially when you consider the high price to live in major cities in the states like California. People can easily make a decent living. The overall cost of living in Pennsylvania is slightly lower than the cost of living in the entire nation. Groceries might be slightly expensive but at least healthcare is not. Rent is also so much less than the average compared to other states.

Pittsburgh by night
Pennsylvania has a lot of great things to offer!

Where should you start when you organize a California to Pennsylvania move by yourself?

Any type of relocation is stressful and overwhelming, especially when you move by yourself. However, if you make a plan and organize it well, it can go smoothly. There are a lot of things you have to take care of and pay special attention to. Here’s a guide that will help you how to prepare the entire move by yourself like a pro!


Before you even thinking about packing, it’s a good idea to get rid of the items and things you no longer use or need. This is what we call decluttering, and relocation is a great opportunity to finally do it. Make sure to gather or all the items you no longer use in one place. You can always gift them or even donate. We are sure you will be surprised how many of the things you own are just sitting there or haven’t been used in years! This task will eventually make your packing so much easier. Look at this as an amazing opportunity to force yourself to let go of the things you no longer use or need.

Packing materials

First thing first, make sure to get all of the packing materials you need. These materials should be sustainable. The material you need is different box sizes, plastic bins, box tape, packing, and wrapping papers. You should also get some bubble wraps and collared marker pens to label your boxes! If you are moving furniture you might need something to protect it too, like pads and covers. The most important reason why you should pay extra attention to packing is simple. The way you pack will directly impact the protection of your items.

A dog in a cardboard box
Make sure your boxes are of good quality and sustainable! They are the ones protecting your items!


Pack on your own is hard and stressful, so make sure to prepare a lot of time and energy. However, don’t worry – it’s possible it just might be a bit harder doing it by yourself. Make sure to secure the boxes and fragile things. Also, don’t forget to label the boxes!

Getting ready to move by yourself

Now that you are done with cleaning, decluttering, and packing, the next step is to transport. And let us tell you, organizing a transfer is not easy at all. If it happens to be a long-distance relocation, then it requires even more attention and planning. Our sincere advice is to hire professionals so both you and your items have a safe relocation.

Settling in when you move by yourself

If you need help with settling in with carrying moving boxes, packing, or unpacking them, you can get labor-only Philadelphia moving services! This way you can save time, relax and let the best experts do the heavy lifting for you! So, you will be the one who will prepare your belongings for the move, but the professionals will carry them to and out of the moving truck. This is a perfect solution because you get to have more control over your relocation without putting yourself nor their belongings at risk.

young man packing by himself as you will do if you decide to organize a California to Pennsylvania move by yourself.
If you have trouble doing all of it by yourself, then you should hire professionals to help you out!

Hiring profesional movers

If you ever feel like you just simply don’t have time or energy to do any of this, we suggest hiring professionals such as They will provide you with residential/commercial moving services whenever and wherever you need them. They also offer a wide range of bonus specialty services – so you can count on them for a full-service relocation. Moving from California to Philly will be an easy and enjoyable experience!

Changing the address

It’s a small detail but very often neglected. Before you move by yourself, make sure to notify everyone who needs to know about the address change. Your parents and friend will know, but you have to make sure to notify your bank and other facilities that require this type of information. Also, in case you have any subscriptions, make sure to cancel them or simply update the address.

D Day – get ready to move by yourself

Once you have brought the plan to organize a California to Pennsylvania move by yourself to the end, the next thing step is the actual relocation. Make sure to plan this day for months. This will give you more room to control everything and react if something unexpected comes up. You can make a to-do list or write it down everything so you can have easier access to all of the things you need to prepare before D Day arrives.

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