How to make your Chicago apartment seem bigger?

Having to live in a gigantic city like Chicago means that you have to be conservative when it comes to space. Millions of people live in Chicago, and it is not an easy task to house every citizen, especially if an apartment is near the city center. That means that apartments in Chicago are usually quite expensive even if they are quite small. So if you want to live in a seemingly larger apartment in Chicago, without having to buy a new property, then you are lucky. There are ways in which you can make your apartment in Chicago look bigger. So, how can you make your Chicago apartment look bigger? Let’s explore some solutions!

Declutter your apartment

Even if you have quite a large apartment, if it is full of clutter, there is a chance that you’ll feel quite claustrophobic in it. And sometimes the smallest of apartments can be quite comfy if they are well organized. To achieve that comfort, you have to declutter your Chicago apartment first.

Chicago street.
Space in Chicago is a limiting factor.


Every home has some clutter in it, and it is almost unavoidable. But if you are living in a small apartment, having a little bit of clutter can make your apartment look cramped. So, you have to find a way to get rid of your clutter. How can you do that?

Sell, donate or throw away your useless stuff

There are three ways in which you can get rid of your useless stuff.

You can always sell your stuff online. This is maybe the best way to get some quick cash. If you aren’t experienced in online selling, you will be amazed at just how much money are people willing to spend on items. Trust us, you’ll get some cash back from your previous Chicago relocation.

Also, you can always donate your stuff. And if you don’t need money, it is better to give the stuff you don’t need to someone who needs them, than to throw them away. There are plenty of donation centers in Chicago, so get in touch with one of them.

And the last option is to simply throw away some of your stuff. You probably have some useless items in your Chicago apartment that can neither be sold nor given away like boxes from your last relocation. Your only remaining option is to simply throw them away. Just be careful with some chemicals. Sometimes they require proper handling.

Paint your apartment white

The old rule in interior design is: If you want your space to seem smaller – use darker colors. If you want your space to seem bigger than it is – use lighter colors. So, if you want your apartment to look bigger, you should paint your apartment in lighter colors. White opens the space most, but you can use lighter shades of any color you wish: light blue, light yellow, and so on. You can even paint different rooms in different colors. That would be refreshing.

Make your Chicago apartment seem bigger by painting it white.
If you want to make your Chicago apartment seem bigger you should paint it white.

Good luck with your redecoration!

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