How to make your California to New Jersey relocation completely green

If you have upcoming California to New Jersey relocation but you are worried about the environment we have some tips and tricks for you. Moving away is no excuse to forget about our planet. There are ways to pack and secure all your household items and stay green. Even breakables can be secured if you use a little bit of imagination. Don’t worry, we will guide you along the way and show you who else can help you out. Finding adequate help is very important. So, read on and we will guide you.

Before you start with packing

Recycling is very important. So, before you do anything consider this step. Take a look around the house. Do you see some items you don’t use or the ones that are broken? That is the reason why you should declutter before you pack. That way you will be avoiding bringing unnecessary items to your new home in New Jersey. It happens to all of us. Over the year we collect way too many items but now you have a perfect opportunity to get rid of it all. Recycling is the best solution for items that are not functional anymore. But if you have something that can be donated do that. That is recycling also in a way.

A person getting ready to start recycling plastic bottles.
Recycling is the key, make sure to recycle everything you no longer use.

Download moving apps to save paper

Making a checklist and writing down reminders is also very important since moving away is not something easy to deal with. You will have a lot on your mind so it’s important to write down everything so you don’t forget anything. But that doesn’t mean you need to use paper. Not in the era of smartphones. Go ahead and download some moving app that will be helpful more than making a checklist on a piece of paper. Most of them are free by the way. They usually have reminders, alarms, checklists and can even help you to find reliable local movers like are.

Hiring professional movers

The easiest way to relocate is to find reliable movers as we mentioned earlier. They can help you with many aspects of your upcoming relocation. The best of all is that you can get a hassle and stress-free relocation by hiring them. Check out their website to see everything they can do for you. Most of them offer packing, unpacking, and other additional services. Make sure that they have eco-friendly materials. Many movers have nowadays. Also, while choosing movers read the reviews from their previous customers. Check out Yelp too!

A professional mover carrying a green couch during California to New Jersey relocation.
Hiring professional movers can be very beneficial. Make sure to research all the ways they can assist you.


If you plan to hire movers to do deal with relocation then everything will be much easier for you. You should still make effort to learn about the process on your own. We have left the link with some information for you to research. If you do not want the packing to be done by movers you need to do it on your own and we have some tips for you on how to do this the eco-friendly way:

  • don’t buy moving boxes, consider renting plastic bins instead
  • pack small breakable items like glasses in your t-shirts
  • big breakable items you can protect using blankets and beddings (instead of bubble wrap)
  • recycle everything you have (for example you can pack a lot of items in diaper boxes)

The name of the game here is re-using everything and making sure you leave nothing behind. That is also a good way to save money so in a way, it’s a win-win situation!

moving boxes
There are better ways to pack, you just need to think outside the box.

Moving day

Instead of buying food in plastic bags along the way you can make something to bring with you. That way you won’t be throwing away all that wrapping that takes forever to decompose. All you need to do is think ahead and plan. Preparation is the key to having green California to New Jersey relocation. For that you need time. If you don’t have enough time to deal with everything movers can help you out. Movers can work fine with short notice, after all, they are pros. Moving day can be the most hectic since there is so much to do but don’t worry one day that will all be just a nice memory. Now you need to focus on preparations and making sure that your relocation is green.

Junk removal

Some movers have this as an additional service and they can help you in case you have a lot of items for recycling like old furniture and such. Consider this as an option if you have a lot of other things on your mind and to do now that your relocation is approaching. Just make sure how they are disposing of junk. That is the most important thing, but if you just give them a call they will explain the process to you. It’s easy to find out the ways of disposing of the junk – all you need to do is pick up the phone.

It’s not easy

It’s a very admirable thing you are doing. Many people don’t even pay attention to what’s happening and can’t be bothered with finding out the alternative way in order to help out the earth. Sometimes to find an eco-friendly alternative you need to think outside the box and find a good solution – like the one we showed you earlier with packing glasses inside your t-shirts. But that solution can work and you are not using any packing material. You are using only the stuff you are already bringing. How cool is that? It’s also pretty cost-effective. You will surely find some other great green solutions if you have the time to think about them. Good luck with your California to New Jersey relocation.

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