How to keep employees happy when moving your business from California to Florida

When a company decides to relocate, in our case, from California to Florida, it creates a lot of stress among employees. To make moving your company to Florida more palatable to your employees, you have to give them extra attention. Dimension Moving will tell you how to keep your employees happy when moving your business from California to Florida

Communicate to keep your employees happy when moving your business from California to Florida

To keep your employees in your company happy, talk to them about the company relocation to Florida. When workers hear about corporate relocation, they immediately think about getting fired. Dark thoughts creep up in their head about losing their job. To avoid a stressful situation. tell them about moving your business from California to Florida. 

Tell them when you are moving and who you will bring to Florida. If you are planning to cut some of your workforce, tell them at least two months in advance so they can prepare and start looking for another job. With your employees aware of the change that is about to come, you can enlist the help of skilled people – commercial movers who will get your company to Florida. They will help you find the perfect movers to get your business in one piece to Florida. 

two women talking about moving your business from California to Florida
As soon as you want to relocate your company to Florida, talk with your employees.

Tell them about the lower cost of living in Florida 

The second way to keep you satisfied during your relocation to Florida is to talk about the lower cost of living. Florida is similar to California in many ways, but the most significant difference is the cost of living. If you are from Los Angeles, your cost of living can go down by 70% if you move with your company to Florida. And if you keep the same salary as in Los Angeles, your quality of life will increase dramatically. 

  • First, you will be able to buy a home in Florida. The median home cost in Florida is 294,000 dollars and in California 684,800 dollars. If you already own a home in California, you can sell it and buy a bigger house with a more central location in Florida and still have money left over. 
  • Second, your daily expenses will decrease by a lot which means you will have more money to save and use for recreational activities, like traveling. 
red piggy bank
By moving your business from California to Florida, your employees will get to save more money because of the low cost of living.

The tax benefits of Florida 

The third way to keep your employees happy about the corporate relocation to Florida is to talk about the tax system. When it comes to taxes, California and Florida are opposites. While California has the highest taxes in the country, Florida has the lowest

  • California has the highest income tax, which caps around 12%, and Florida has no state income tax. So your employees will get to keep more of their salary and pared with the lower cost of living their financial situation will improve.  
  • Florida is the perfect place to retire. They do not tax pension income, so you will get to keep more of your money and spend it however you want. With such great tax benefits, you can live in top Florida cities for California families and not worry about the money. 

Keep employees happy when moving your business from California to Florida by helping with their move

The scariest thing about relocating from California to Florida for your employees is the distance. You are moving coast to coast and saying goodbye to most of your friends, except work friends. To add fuel to the fire, they also have to cover their moving expenses. You need to pay for their move to make such a significant change more manageable for your employees. In addition, you probably need those employees to keep your business running the same as it did in California. 

movers loading a truck
Keep your employees happy by covering their moving costs.

How to find the perfect movers for your employees 

First, reading reviews is crucial before contacting relocation companies to help your employees move to Florida. Reading reviews can save you a lot of time. Check out Google, Facebook, and Yelp, or visit the moving firm’s website site to find reviews. Check if the reviews are not fake.

Second, if you do not want to read the moving reviews, ask your employees for any recommendations. Asking your employees can make your job easier and rid you of all the work of finding movers alone. Your workers can guarantee that a moving company is reliable. Especially if they used them before and have first-hand experience with those movers. 

Third, reach out for estimates. Since you are paying for the move of your employees, you need to get a good deal. You can get a free moving estimate by visiting the moving company’s website. They will give you a rough estimate of how much your relocation from California to Florida will cost. To get those free estimates, you need to talk to all of your employees and see how much stuff they will move to Florida. To have a more accurate price for the relocation,  get the moving company to your employees’ homes. A coast-to-coast move can get pricey. Therefore, you need an exact amount to not get surprised by the price. To make sure you get the right moving crew to relocate your employees stress-free, you can browse through Best Movers in Florida. You might also find the information there regarding whether a certain moving company offers free moving quotes.

You are ready to move your business from California to Florida 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to keep employees happy when moving your business from California to Florida. You do not have to do a lot of work because the state of Florida is already a great place to live and offers many benefits. Your employees will be satisfied with their new work environment and if you need any help with your move, contact us with any challenging questions.

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